Friday, June 2, 2017

Resolutions Checkpoint 2017: May

Resolutions Checkpoint 2017 - Rebe With a Clause

Welcome, June! Time to look back on the action items I gave myself for the month of May, and check in on what progress has been made:

May Progress

1. Leaps
  • (+) Act on Get Shit Rolling! brainstorm — Meg and I did come up with an idea that excites me (creating a community), so I've been letting it simmer this month as I search for a name (oh naming things!). I've been jotting down ideas of creations/projects/events for this community as they pop into my mind.

    The plus I'm giving myself comes because I've arranged to speak at my local library in July about my experiences walking the Camino de Santiago. During my coaching call, I'd said a good next step would be to give some sort of workshop or speak somewhere locally. Now it's all set to happen!
  • (-) 5-in-5 Connection Challenge — Didn't ask anyone this month. I even went into Madison early the night that Kim Dinan spoke at Barnes and Noble, and walked through the mall for this purpose... but didn't approach anyone. As tends to happen, it has fallen in priority, so I won't be including it this month.

2. Stretch/Pilates
  • (+/-) Morning meditation + pilates — I'm not at a week straight yet, but I have started working on this one. The final week of May, I started doing some pilates and stretching, and have four checks this week so far.

    I will add that one of the reasons I began stretching this past week was because I'm on a 40-day meditation streak! That feels more automatic now that I've been home over a month, so I felt I could begin to integrate another daily habit.

3. Unplug/be outside

When the weather's so nice (as it's been the past week and a half), it's quite easy to make this a focus. I'll go sit in the grass in the backyard and read, sit on the patio and read, walk through the conservancy, or go bike somewhere in town.
  • (+) Plant vegetable garden in back yard — I currently have kale, lettuce, cucumbers, beans, carrots, beets, tomatoes, squash, and four herbs (garlic chives, oregano, basil, cilantro) growing in the yard!

  • (+) Fix brakes on bike! — I got them mostly fixed (the front tire still rubs on one brake, no matter what I do) thanks to instructional YouTube videos, and have been biking around town for all of my errands. This week I biked to/from Governor Nelson State Park one day, in addition to several trips to the library and one to the doctor's office!
  • ( ) Track biking / walking in bullet journal — I forgot to track it in a chart, but I've been drawing a picture of a bike on the days I've biked somewhere, and I'm happy about the amount of time I spent out walking/biking in May. Each week when I take my grandpa grocery shopping, I either walk or bike to and from my mom's place of work (to pick up her car), so that's some additional outside time I'll always get. 
  • (-) Less than 90 hours online time this month — I had 136h of total computer time, but I'm not sure how much was online. (The total includes time spent listening to music on Deezer, writing in TextEdit, etc. Also, about 90 hours are listed as "Opera," the browser I now use, and I'm not sure why specific websites were only sometimes logged...)

Some other updates that fall into unplugging:
  • Reading: I've read 17 books since I came home at the end of April! It's crazy, but is great affirmation that I'm not on the computer too often. I was barely watching any Netflix (until season 2 of "Master of None" came out), just reading in the morning, before bed, and often during the day as well. I go to the library multiple times a week to pick up holds and return books.
  • Snail mailing: It's been fantastic to be reunited with all of my stationery/cards/stamps and other snail mail goodies, plus to have lots of extra time to snail mail even more than usual.
  • Writing "Sit": Yesterday I began a new 30-day challenge for the rest of June: a daily half-hour writing "sit." I put my phone in airplane mode, turn off the computer's wifi, and sit at my desk with my computer up (I've been writing in the basic TextEdit program) and my journal at my desk. If I'm not typing on a piece, I can write in the journal. Or I can even sit in the chair and do nothing (I haven't had to resort to that yet). But the idea is I must sit in this chair until my alarm goes off. Two days in, so far so good! My goal has been do this "sit" before noon so it's not hanging over me. Maybe more of a set schedule will emerge as the month goes on.

June Focus

Here are actions I can take in June to continue moving towards my resolutions:

1. Leaps
  • "Sit" for 30 minutes every day to write. — I'll be tracking this in my June chart, and will be the priority of each day.
  • Apply for VIPKID.  It's an online company that has people teach American English to Chinese kids via online video chats. I like that they're much more selective than other companies, and seem to genuinely care about making a difference and teaching effectively.

2. Stretch/Pilates
  • Stretch or pilates 20 of the 30 days this month.
  • Track in bullet journal. I have the chart all made up!

3. Unplug/be outside
  • Read at least 10 more books. — At my current rate, I think I should easily hit this. My library runs a summer reading program for adults, so I'll be filling out book reviews for each book read, which get entered into a drawing for prizes.
  • Sketchnote Saturdays. — During the last two months I've dabbled into Sketchnoting, and would like to do one a week this month. Podcasts and TED Talks make great materials for sketchnote practice!
How about you? What's one thing you'll try to do in June, or where you'd like to slowly shift your focus to this month?
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  1. Juggling balls--which by the way, I think I have some at home in my old room... if you come through La Crosse, it'd be amazing if you dropped them off.... :) I'll send you video evidence of my skillz.