Monday, April 10, 2017

Moment Catching in Montpellier

After an early morning train from Strasbourg, I arrived in Montpellier on Thursday, March 30, where Damien picked me up and took me to his parents' house in a nearby suburb. On Friday afternoon I took the tram into Montpellier to sketch at Parc du Peyrou for the weekend's Moment Sketchers challenge.

It was a special sketching session for me because it's here where I painted my very first on-location watercolor last September, dabbing at colors and not knowing what I was doing. Below are my watercolors and the painting:

Watercolors: September 2016

Parc du Peyrou: September 2016
Well, I still don't know what I'm doing, but it appears that little by little, the act of sketching and painting has helped me to improve a notch. Here's what my paints and sketching look like seven months later:

Watercolors: April 2017

Parc du Peyrou travel sketch: April 2017

And I've only really been painting during the last two and a half months, so I'm excited to see what my sketches will look like (at this rate) in October.

You can see all of the April Moment Sketchers sketches here: 45 moment sketchers in 16 different countries on 5 continents!
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    1. Yeah, I was surprised! Glad I kept going at the start! :)

      Do you paint at all, Arlene?