Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Resolutions Checkpoint 2017: February

Wow, and here we are, halfway through March already. I was in Bologna the last week of February with limited Wi-Fi, then spent the past two weeks on a small farm near Dozza—which also had hardly any internet.

This was no problem, as it was great to unplug—though what really kept me from blogging was the time! I’ll be playing catch up soon, including my typical day on the farm, but first an overdue check-in with my resolutions and action items for February.

Spoiler alert: I nearly didn’t complete anything!

February Progress

1. Leap
  • 5 in 5 Connection Challenge with 10 people — Didn’t do this in Bologna, and on the farm it was just the family and I. I’m okay with putting this on the back burner until I’m back in the states, but I do want to share the challenge anyway, even though I’ve only done it TWICE to date. 
  • Contact five schools about using Alexandra Franzen's "Email Is Wonderful" PDF. — Nope. Had a glitch finding the PDF now that her site is updated, and emailed Alex, to which she responded with the PDFs attached. I realized there are a few things which might make it questionable for a high school resource, plus being offline, this has lost priority. 

2. Stretch/yoga/pilates
  • Make stretching tracker in bullet journal — I actually made a tracker for February, but stopped using it after the 8th. I have three different notebooks/journals with me—well four, counting my little watercolor journal—and I’ve stopped using the bullet journal with my routine-less days and ever-changing surroundings. The thing is that this feels good for the time, though. Good to float around a bit, not always know what day of the week it is, not measure anything. I’m soaking in lots from being present, able to witness and appreciate the small moments.
  • Stretch/pilates 5x/week — Nope, I haven’t made this a constant practice yet. However, I would fill more moments (waiting in the kitchen after finishing all the dishes, out picking grass in the sun) with some leg stretching than when in Bologna. The mom went to a Pilates class 2x/week, so that prompted me to do like 3 minutes of toe touches in bed one night, and to keep it on the top of my mind. I will definitely pay for classes when I’m back in Waunakee. 

3. Unplug/be outside
  • 50% online time - reference and learning — I spent 84 hours less online than I did in January, and most of my online time was spent here on Blogger!

  • Make meditation tracker in bullet journal — I actually did a good job meditating in February, despite not using my bullet journal. Below is that month on Calm. On the other hand, I’ve only meditated with Calm twice since being on the farm these first two weeks of March. Yet most of my work tasks feel like a form of meditating.
  • Read >30 min. daily — I didn’t read every single day in February, but I finished three books. These first two weeks of March I read two books (paperbacks!) while staying on the farm: Zadie Smith’s “On Beauty” and Sarah Blake's “Postmistress,” which I really liked. 

So for these next two weeks, I’m not going to set any action items. My priorities are to get caught up on blogging, get caught up on the March birthdays I’ve missed, buy my plane ticket home, arrange travels for these last few weeks, read, write, and soak in my surroundings. I’ll check in again at the end of the month!

How is your month going?
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