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Resolutions Checkpoint 2017: January

Resolutions Checkpoint January 2017 - Rebe With a Clause

January is over! Time to look back at the resolutions I set a month ago and then get an action plan in place for February.

January Progress

I didn't set January focus items for each resolution, so here's a general evaluation of each:

1. Leap

I only felt as though I took one leap this month, and that was testing out my 5 in 5 Connection Challenge on two strangers at a cafe—well, the only cafe—in my hometown. I will write about this in detail soon, but I wanted to try it on more than two people before I share it.

Due to the original purpose of the challenge (briefly: to connect with fellow Americans I wouldn't normally talk with, inspired by the election), traveling doesn't seem the place for it (I usually have lots in common with travelers)—though I can certainly give it a shot when I share a language with someone.

2. Stretch/yoga/pilates

Before I took off, I researched a few good pilates moves for spinal fusion, made a quick one-page reminder with some images and printed it off to bring along. How many times have I done pilates in Madrid? Zero. I did sit and stretch while I had a half an hour to wait in Sol the other night, and did a quick nighttime yoga in bed last night, but I have a ways to go to make this one a daily practice.

At the moment, though, my only must-do daily is my journal writing (new 100 days project). I've had four things that I want to do each day—write, read, meditate, stretch/pilates—but when I tried tracking them earlier in the month I'd never hit all four (+ walking). I think I need to focus on just one daily thing until it's automatic, or give in and start a routine that incorporates them all. I've been excited not to have a routine on these travels, though.

3. Unplug/be outside

While sick earlier in the month I watched so much Parenthood on Netflix, and during the month felt like Twitter was getting the best of me. Here's my month report from Rescue Time, which feels yucky and scary to see all at once (182 hours!?, which includes 19 hours on Twitter!)—but this is why I'm tracking it:

At least I'll have some hard data to compare with in the coming months.


  • Values: I'll share a quick story from today. I was eating my lunch outside by Madrid's Public Art Museum, watching the taxis all lined up. Passengers get in the taxi at the front of the line, and then all the taxis roll forward a spot when it takes off. I was curious how long they'd all wait before getting a passenger (there were about 7-8 taxis lined up at the curb). During the whole time I was watching, only four taxis left. While watching, I noticed each taxi had a letter painted on the side, in the rear. Some said "V," a few said "X," but another said "J." What could that possibly mean? I thought about it some, considered asking a taxi driver, then just continued thinking. When I finished eating and got up to walk away, I thought to myself: You want to explore your curiosities, right? So ask! This is a great chance to be curious! So I went up to one of the taxi drivers who was standing on the sidewalk smoking and asked him what the letters meant. Any guesses?
    It's the day of the week that the taxi is not in service. So, if you see one parked on the side of the street with a "V" (viernes) and it's Friday, you know the taxi is not in service. After the man told me this, it actually rung a bell—I'm pretty sure Gregorio has told me this fact before and I'd forgotten. The man was very nice about it, found it amusing that I asked, and was happy to feed my curiosity. Anyway, I wanted to illustrate that by highlighting and deciding the directions I want to move towards via my personal compass, it is resulting in changes in my actions, however small they may be.
  • Meditate: January was much more sporadic than December; below is a screenshot of January in Calm. 

(A screenshot which, by the way, I'm lucky to have gotten at all. As of early January my power button stopped working on my poor old iPhone 4—as in, it is basically stuck down, no spring—yet that's one of the two buttons you must press for a screenshot. Got it on the second try this time! But I'll certainly be on the hunt for a used phone in the states come May, maybe an iPhone 5...)

February Focus

1. Leap
  • 5 in 5 Connection Challenge with 10 people
  • Contact five schools about using Alexandra Franzen's "Email Is Wonderful" PDF. (<<< Speaking of, have I mentioned yet how happy I am that this lady has come into my life? Her philosophy and writing is such a match with my life outlook! So inspirational and uplifting.)

2. Stretch/yoga/pilates
  • Make stretching tracker in bullet journal
  • Stretch/pilates 5x/week

3. Unplug/be outside
  • 50% online time - reference and learning
  • Make meditation tracker in bullet journal
  • Read >30 min. daily

How are you coming on your resolutions? What's one thing you can do in February that will get you closer to where you want to be?
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