Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday evening flag patch sewing project

After I ordered my backpack last summer (goodbye Jansport from college!), I thought it would be cool to display on it flag patches of the countries where I've lived. Conversation starters are always helpful!

But I didn't want them sewn permanently on the backpack; there are places and times where you don't want to stand out as a traveler.

My parents got me the patches for Christmas (thanks mom and dad!) and I had some scrap fabric lying around from a project years ago (St. Vinnies $1 fabric). I'd wanted a solid color fabric, but you use what you have, right?

I pulled out our sewing machine, started with Wisconsin, and worked my way down.

Then I cut off a bunch of extra fabric and pinned in the edges to sew them down.

I attached the fabric via safety pin to my backpack, so it hangs from the top handle. This is also great storage for extra safety pins, and makes it really easy to take off.

Ta-da! One finished project closer to take-off on January 23.

• • •


  1. Sweet! A couple points:
    1) This reminds me when my sister sewed tiny flags of Estonia and Germany onto her jean jacket in high school. (we are Estonian and German in ancestry)
    2) I love patches
    3) So cool that you use patches to show where you've been.
    4) Your patches is like a passport, but with patches. A patchport. BOOM. The internet's newest sensation/hashtag. The #patchport

    1. Thanks Matt! I love the story of your sister's jean jacket.

      And your comment will forever mark the day you created the #patchport! ;)