Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Yellow Envelope Project

It all began with a yellow envelope gifted by friends.

Inside was a check with instructions to give the money away as Kim and her husband traveled around the world.

Kim Dinan (of So Many Places) and her husband were about to set out on a journey, after having sold their possessions and saving up for several years. This gift of the yellow envelope and its impact has been documented in Kim's forthcoming book The Yellow Envelope, but that's just the beginning.

The Yellow Envelope Project

In November 2016, Kim offered her blog readers a yellow envelope. She'd mail it to you anywhere in the world, you just had to use it as a vehicle of kindness. In four days she ran out of envelopes, but readers donated to buy more envelopes and postage. The movement has spread, and The Yellow Envelope Project is now a campaign to spread kindness around the globe. (See what people are doing with their envelopes on the project's Facebook page.)

Then the other week it hit me—I could give out yellow envelopes with my holiday letter! I'd been working on addressing all of the 70+ envelopes with calligraphy, so they'd be getting mailed out anyway. And I'd already bought the postage... hurray, action!

I searched Amazon for yellow envelopes and found a pack of 100, small enough (A1) to fit inside my A4 envelopes, for $9.99. I'd accidentally gotten signed up for a trial month of Prime days before, so this was perfect! Ordered the envelopes in one click.

They arrived last Tuesday, the same day I copied my end-of-year letter and started stuffing envelopes. With each yellow envelope, I included a note explaining the project:

Letters were sent to these countries: Canada, Colombia, England, Finland, France, Germany, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain

And to these states: WI, MN, LA, DC, NY, TX, VT

A week or so later, today I finally gave my first two envelopes away! I went to the local coffee shop to get a small gift certificate for our mail carrier. The morning of, I decided to buy two. I put each in its respective envelope while I was still inside the shop, and gave the second envelope away as I was leaving. A woman was entering just as I was exiting, so I said "Hi!" and then "This is for you," as I shoved the envelope into her hands and darted out of there. Hehe!

I'd also recently gotten these cute compliment cards from Erin Condren*, so I was thrilled to include one in my post lady's yellow envelope.

I still have about 10 yellow envelopes left. If you want one, I'll mail it to you (before Jan. 15)! Just email me your mailing address.

And the kindness continues to ripple out... :)

Happy holidays!

*From one snail mail lover to another, if you happen to be purchasing anything from Erin Condren, use this referral link and we both get $10 off!
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