Thursday, December 1, 2016

Resolutions Checkpoint 2016: November

Taking a look back at my focus points for November, here's what progress has been made on those in the past month:

November Progress

1. French
  • (  ) Take at least 100 quizzes on Progress with Lawless French (PLF) — I only did 60 total, but I didn't cancel the auto-renew on time and thus have paid for another month, so I'll try for 100 again in December.

    In my PLF improvement timeline below, you can see that when November began (aka premium account), my level increased at a much faster rate.

  • (  )  Read "Harry Potter et le Prince de Sang-mêlé" — I only started getting back into this book a few days ago. Currently on page 186 (of 746).

2. Calligraphy
  • (+/-) Two weekly calligcasts — Bah! I really need to pick to days and schedule them into my Bullet Journal.

    Instead of two weekly calligcasts, I made the envelopes for my Christmas letter this year, and wrote the names in Kaitlin style with white ink (for 70+ envelopes). I got through all four of the new hour-and-45-minute-long "Gilmore Girls" episodes while writing calligraphy on the envelopes. (Hello hand cramp!) The project has been good practice!

3. Live Out My Values
  • (+) Write post about Rodez/OVS evening Here it is!
  • (+) Pass day 65 in my #100DaysofMindMapping project — Today is day 65, so I'm changing "pass" to "reach" and giving this a plus!
  • (+) Get rid of "donate" piles — Brought it all to St. Vinny's. Then over Thanksgiving I went through my closet and got another bag and a half of stuff which I took to St. Vinny's.

December Focus

I've been volunteering with a weekly English class here in town whose fall session ended mid-November. A new friend and I have decided to continue teaching these learners on our own each week, and we had our first class on Tuesday. So another focus for me this month will be lesson planning for these classes and creating a training video for English tutors.

1. French
  • Take at least 100 quizzes on Progress with Lawless French (PLF).
  • Finish "Harry Potter et le Prince de Sang-mêlé."

2. Calligraphy
  • Two weekly calligcasts (on Thursdays and Saturdays).

3. Live Out My Values
  • Write post about compass / guiding principles for 2017. 
  • Pass day 90 in my #100DaysofMindMapping project — This would allow for no more than five days skipped during the month.

Can you believe we're in the final month of 2016? What's one thing you'll focus on this month?
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