Friday, November 4, 2016

Calligcast #7: I've Killed People and I Have Hostages

[Calligcast = Practicing calligraphy while listening to a podcast]

Podcast: Reply All
Episode #15: I've Killed People and I Have Hostages

Blair Myhand is a police officer in the sleepy, 40,000 person town of Apex, NC. One night, he received an unusually disturbing phone call where a person claimed to be holding a woman hostage after murdering several people. Myhand assembled his team, and went to the house, but what they ended up finding was much more bizarre.
It's just a 20-minute podcast, so the length ended up being perfect for this single envelope. It was an interesting topic to say the least—crazy what people will do for entertainment/"fame," but I'd rather be aware than still in the dark about it.

Calligraphy notes: This was my first envelope ever in Kaitlin Style with an oblique pen, and it turned out way better than I would have expected! The long white envelope (from this year's #write_on kits) must have been a good quality paper for ink/nibs, and I'm really enjoying writing with an oblique.
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