Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Calligcast #6: The New Norm

[Calligcast = Practicing calligraphy while listening to a podcast]

Podcast: Invisibilia (Season 2)
Episode: 1 - The New Norm

From NPR:
You probably don't even notice them, but social norms determine so much of your behavior - how you dress, talk, eat and even what you allow yourself to feel. These norms are so entrenched we never imagine they can shift. But Alix Spiegel and new co-host, Hanna Rosin, examine two grand social experiments that attempt to do just that: teach McDonald's employees in Russia to smile, and workers on an oil rig how to cry.

Calligraphy notes: The paper I printed these worksheets on way back in April (before I knew that type of paper matters) was not a good choice. So the ink bleeds, but I'm using the sheets anyway. On the plus side, I'm finding my oblique pen easier to use than the straight pen!
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