Saturday, September 3, 2016

Resolutions Checkpoint 2016: August

Taking a look at my focus points for August, here's what progress has been made during that time:

August Progress

1. French
  • (+) Finish reading "Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers" — I've now finished HP books 1-3!
  • (+) Watch two more films on Netflix. — Watched way more than two French films this month, including the first two Harry Potters after I finished each book. Maybe something like 7-8 movies total?
  • (  ) Copy down lyrics to two more songs. — Whoops.
  • (+) Analyze / learn lyrics / sing along — I did go through two of the songs whose lyrics I'd already copied into my notebook, picking apart structures and vocab: "La Marseillaise" and "Le jazz et la java"
  • (+) 10 quizzes on Progress with Lawless French — Thanks to a free week of the pro account, I took 28 PLF quizzes in August. Here are some graphs from PLF showing that progress:
Progress with Lawless French progress over time

Progress with Lawless French A2 knowledge breakdown

2. Calligraphy
  • (  ) 20 minutes of practice 2x/week (with accompanying #calligcast post). — Only published two #calligcast posts, during which I spent ~1 hr each session, though definitely had at least a third session I never blogged about. Did a few envelopes apart.
It feels fitting to include here that just on Wednesday I treated myself to a compact watercolor set:

Thanks to Lindsey's great posts at The Postman's Knock about watercolor calligraphy, I have a whole new set of fun to explore.

3. Live Out My Values

September Focus

1. French
  • Read Harry Potter books #4 and #5 in French. — I'm borrowing each of these from my roommate and Damien, respectively, so it'd be handy to read them during my final 3.5 weeks here!
2. Calligraphy
  • 20 minutes of practice 2x/week (with accompanying #calligcast post).

3. Live Out My Values
  • Write 1-2 more posts about values or role models.

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