Saturday, September 17, 2016

[Photos] Jacki in Montpellier

A couple weeks ago, or actually, probably over a month ago now (whoops), my older brother asked when was I going to share pictures from my sister's trip to France (June 22 - July 5).

Well, T.J., here's a start:

Thursday afternoon ultimate at the beach:

 Damien driving to Cirque de Navacelles:

Then we drove down into the bottom of the canyon(?), to the tiny town of Navacelles.

Damien pointing out where we had been, up on the edge of the crater:

Family lunch at Damien's uncle's house:

Damien, his dad, and his uncle

Playing games on the backyard terrace:

Cute little café in Montpellier

"Korean fusion" chain restaurant

Crepes (well, galettes)

• • •


  1. I want to eat all of the food pictured in this post. What was on top of that salad, some kind of pork?

    1. Yeah that salad was reeeally good (it was my meal), and that was ham on top. (dry-cured ham, common in Spain)