Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 2016: Final week in Rodez

Last Friday, the 9th, Pascal (my roommate) had friends over for a BBQ. Bem, my roommate for a month back in May (as he finished up the semester), was also able to come that night, so here's a picture of the three of us:

Then on Saturday I took a BlaBlaCar to Rodez in the evening. On Sunday we went biking in the afternoon with Seb and Vanessa:

Prior to and after biking (and during any other unaccounted for time the next couple of days) I read "Harry Potter et la coupe de feu," the fourth Harry Potter book, which is ~770 pages long.

That night Seb had a going away get together, as he's moving from Rodez to Perpignan in the next two weeks. I saw some people from OVS who I hadn't seen since early March, my final week living in Rodez.

Walking through the town center

On Tuesday afternoon we walked through the center of Rodez, checking out a few art galleries (and Damien finally went inside the cathedral).

Pizza dinner

On Tuesday evening, Damien had friends over for dinner to celebrate his birthday (which was the following day).

One of three of Damien's pizza creations:

Eye exam and Vietnamese food

On his actual birthday, it rained all day. I finished the fourth Harry Potter book early in the morning (yay!), as I had trouble sleeping (boo).

In the afternoon I went to the eye glasses store where our friend Seb works, and he gave me a free eye exam. I was many years overdue, and with my new prescription I ordered glasses online.

We went to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner:

My first plate: Vietnamese chicken salad

My second plate: Chicken curry

[Not pictured: Beignet dessert] 

To the dentist

On Thursday afternoon I had a dentist appointment for a regular teeth cleaning. I don't have dental insurance in the US, so I realized the other week I should really take advantage of France's health care system before leaving.

It's been interesting going to doctor's appointments and such in Montpellier and Rodez. At this dentist appointment, it was kind of awkward because the dentist didn't say much before we got started. Damien had called and made the appointment for me earlier in the week, so I guess they knew I was coming.

But still, after entering the office, the dentist just brought me straight back (no asking what's your name) and had me sit in the teal patient's chair right away. Then she asked, "Alors, qu'est-ce que je peux faire ?" ("So, what can I do for you?") and I said, "ehhh, un nettoyage" ("Umm, a cleaning"—hoping the word was also used for teeth cleanings in French), and then she started doing just that.

Instead of spraying water and then having you suck on the suction thing, she simply left that suction thing in my mouth during the whole thing. Then at the end, there was a cup of water to rinse and spit.

Then, we moved over to the desk on the left to pay—which as you can see above, is all in the same room. No receptionist, everything was taken care of directly by the dentist. (My ear infection doctor visit was similar; the doctor had a desk in his office next to the examining table, where I paid after the appointment was done.)

She asked for my insurance card, which I don't have because I'm not a French citizen. So I paid the full price, in cash: 28 euros. (Ta-da!) And that was it—painless. I don't think we spent longer than 20 minutes total there.

On the farm

After the dentist appointment we ate lunch and then headed to La Ferme du Vialaret, a farm about 25 minutes from Rodez—which we'd seen on a flyer when we briefly stopped in the Rodez tourism office earlier in the week.

On Friday we packed up and drove back to Montpellier, where I now have 10 days remaining. The packing up took a bit longer for Damien, as he's moving out of his Rodez apartment between now and next weekend—so he took a first load in the car.

And that's how I spent my actual final week in Rodez. (I'd previously written about my "last" Saturday in Rodez back in March, when I had absolutely no idea I'd end up returning several times over the summer.) 
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