Saturday, September 10, 2016

Calligcast #3: Britney

[Calligcast = Practicing calligraphy while listening to a podcast]

Episode: Case #2 — Britney
Podcast: Mystery Show

"The case: Andrea’s a writer no one reads. Then she makes a shocking discovery."

I learned of this podcast episode from a monthly email I receive, called Snail Mail. Here was Kyra's blurb about it, from the newsletter:
Andrea Seigel wrote a book called "To Feel Stuff," which, she claims, was a total failure. But then she noticed a paparazzi snapped photo of Britney Spears holding none other than Andrea's book. Starlee Kine (of This American Life fame) goes on a journey - hilarious, sad and heartwarming in equal measure - to meet Britney Spears and find out why she was holding Andrea's little known book. This a stunning, unforgettable piece of audio that makes you want to be a better person. - Kyra

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