Monday, August 15, 2016

Calligcast #2: How to become Batman

Episode: How to become Batman
Podcast: Invisibilia

Tonight I listened to the third episode from "Invisibilia"'s first season, which is an awesome NPR podcast about the invisible forces that control human behavior (i.e. ideas, beliefs, assumptions, emotions).

The particular episode I listened to had to do with how others' expectations affect your ability, and featured a neat story about a blind man who can see.

Here's the episode description from the site:
In "How to Become Batman," Alix and Lulu examine the surprising effect that our expectations can have on the people around us. You'll hear how people's expectations can influence how well a rat runs a maze. Plus, the story of a man who is blind and says expectations have helped him see. Yes. See. This journey is not without skeptics.

It was super interesting, just like the first two episodes, and very well done. Recommended!

Have you listened to any "Invisibilia" episodes? Or do you have another podcast to recommend?
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  1. My on-rotation podcasts these days are Beautiful Anonymous, Radiolab, the Moth, and of course This American Life.