Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Resolutions Checkpoint 2016: May

Even though I just checked in last week and made some adjustments to my resolutions, I still wanted to have an official checkpoint at the end of the month. Here we go!

May Progress

1. Volunteer

In this month's resolutions realignment (aka "quarterly" reflection), I decided to remove this from my focus and replace it with my Korean food guide for this next month—and later with French study. (Because I'm giving myself until June 21 to finish the Korean food guide.)

2. Learn Calligraphy
  • (+/-) 10 minutes/day from Amy Style worksheet set. (and track on spreadsheet) — I finished all of the faux calligraphy pages, and have just started pg. 13 which uses the dip pen and ink. I'm counting a total of 10 days on my chart, so about as third as often as I'd have liked.
  • In the past week I've also addressed my first three envelopes (name only) with my dip pen!

3. Live Out My Values
  • (-) Go a month without Twitter (Create > Consume) — So about halfway through the month I signed in to tweet at two people when we were looking for new writers at work. In situations like that, it's just the quickest way to share a piece of information or ask a question. I did delete the app from my phone when I started the month, which I think I'll leave off.
  • (+) Host a bowling event on Meetup (Connected) — I did not host a bowling event, but I'm giving myself a plus because I hosted ultimate at the beach, two conversation events, created a chalk-drawing event (which had no attendees, so I cancelled but will retry at a later date), and am hosting a Korean dinner this Saturday!
  • (  ) Write two blog posts on English with Rebecca (Helpful/Creative) — Actually ended up changing the site to English with Rebe on WP and started working on my first post, but haven't published anything yet. Site is still very raw and under construction!

Other goals
  • (+/-) Read three books — I read two books this month: Bill Bryson's "The Thunderbolt Kid" and "Le Journal de Bridget Jones" (Big accomplishment—"Bridget Jones's Diary" in French). My social calendar has definitely picked up since I moved to Montpellier, and I've noticed I'm definitely spending less time on my usual solitary hobbies (reading, writing, studying, etc.) but for the time being I'm okay with this trade-off.
  • (+) Have "quarterly reflection" during first week of May —All right, so it was a few weeks into the month, but I sat down and took the time to realign.
  • (+) Finish the "Street Food" chapter of my Korean food guide — Donezo!
  • (+) Finish the "Restaurants" chapter of my Korean food guide — Woot woot!
  • (  ) Make plans to visit Max in Munich — Did not do this (yet!)
Here's what the month's notebook pages look like now:

(Columns in this first one again are: meditate, journal, walk, calligraphy, read in French, study French, exercise and events.)

(I am pleased at how consistently I've been playing ultimate—twice a week)

It's been really hard to let the French study become spotty. I actually lent my grammar book to a Spanish friend last Wednesday, so I couldn't have even worked on it in the past week (and didn't all month, as you'll see below).

During the month I did watch the entire first season of "Marseille" on Netflix (which I do not recommend! It's terrible!), and most recently had two private French lessons in the past week (My first ever! With two different people, both results of service exchanges).

So those lessons really had me itching to reevaluate my efforts and make a focused study plan, but as I've said, I'm throwing any "free" time at my Korean food guide in the hopes of finishing before my sister arrives in three weeks—so I haven't let myself dig back into the French yet.

All right, so what's the plan for June?

June Focus

Since my sister will be here the final two weeks of June (into July), I'm looking at around three weeks to work on this stuff.

1. Korean food guide
  • Create page about the guide on Rebe With a Clause.
  • List guide for preorder on my Gumroad profile.
  • Write entire kimbap restaurants chapter.
  • Write entire shabu shabu chapter.
  • Finish food chains chapter.
  • Write/finish additional resources chapter.
  • Add any remaining images.
  • Final formatting.
  • Create cover.
  • Release on Gumroad.
  • Spread the word!

2. Calligraphy
  • Finish Amy calligraphy course.

3. Live Out My Values
  • Finish Korean food guide!
• • •


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