Saturday, March 26, 2016

Painting memories of Alicante at Place Aux Arts in Rodez

In 2012 while living in Madrid, my good friend Chad came for a 2-week visit. We went to Alicante one weekend (on the coast), which is where I ended up taking one of my favorite photos to date:

I like it because of the color of the water, and the memories of Spanish sun, beach and fresh coastal air.

So this past February after signing up to take a 2-day beginner's oil painting "course" in Rodez and finding out that we'd be painting from a picture, this was the first image that came to mind.

I wasn't sure if it'd be appropriate for a first timer, but the instructor Michelle said it would do just fine.

Here's the Place Aux Arts, by the way, which has cool outdoor decorations along the street:

This is the same place where I'd taken the pottery sculpting lesson with Annie at the start of February, during which I made a sitting Tinkerbell-like fairy (copying from a model).

But this particular weekend, February 13-14, I was painting—along with three others.

The atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxed, just like my first visit, thanks to my great instructors.

Michelle helped do the color mixing to find the right shades, and then tell me more or less where to put it. Then she'd float around and help the others as needed.

Here's the first layer of colors I put on:

And here's what the painting looked like after the first day (three hours):

Those rocks were really hard on the second day! I kept losing my place. I wish I would have had another three hours to keep polishing it up, but I'm still happy with the result after the second day:

I am definitely interested in painting more with oils (I was planning to buy a 10-class pack at Place Aux Arts had I stayed in Rodez...). It was a fun, relaxing activity. I enjoyed the challenge of being a complete newbie at something again.


What: Place aux arts
Where: 41 Rue d'Embergue 12000 Rodez, France
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