Friday, February 12, 2016

A Saturday walk around Rodez

Last Saturday it was nice and sunny in the afternoon (albeit super windy), so after my morning pottery "class," I took a stroll around town. Here are a few pics from that afternoon.

These stairs aren't too far from where we live. I climb them (you end up at the top of that big cement block-looking thing) to go to the art studio (Rodez is very much on a hill).

Climb all those stairs, and you can see:

With a view of the other church:

On the street with the art studio:

Here's the gallery that Damien and I had gone to a few weeks earlier. There was a new artist on display for the next month, so I took a walk through to check out their work.

Some knitted surprises outside of a restaurant on a small street:

We live really, really close to Rodez's Cathedral, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rodez, but I had still never been in. So near the end of my walk, I escaped the wind and took a look around.

European churches can tend to blur together for me by this point, but what really stood out to me where the stained glass windows. Most had been redone by various artists relatively "recently," and the sun was just perfect that afternoon.

There was so much sunlight, that most of my full window pictures didn't turn out.

But when I took close-ups of parts of the windows, the colors and designs came through nicely enough.

Here's the side door through which I'd entered and left:

Just to the right of the cathedral:

Our street, a couple blocks from the apartment:

I have lots more exploring to do in Rodez, but there's a start!
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