Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thankful Thursday 1/7/16: New apartment

Thankful Thursday is a weekly segment that I began 1/10/13—read why here
I invite you to join me in practicing gratitude!

Well, after being cooped up in our Palavisienne apartment for over a week while Damien was super sick (over the holidays and into the new year), we loaded up packed the car full on Sunday morning and headed to Rodez:

It hasn't been a full week yet, and even though it's rained every day so far, I'm loving the new space!

While you could easily find flaws if you wanted to—(cough that's you, cow-print kitchen!)

(And you, shower curtain-less shower!)

And you, closet/dresser-less bedroo—sorry, what was I saying?

Oh right, while you could easily find flaws, I'm seeing nothing but good features in this new abode. So here's what I'm grateful for in this apartment (in addition to the affordable rent!):

The world map in the bedroom/living room

Sunlight from two tall windows, located on both sides of...

... a desk! An actual desk here I can sit and work and write and etc.

This cool mug I'm drinking lots of tea from

These beautiful plates from England (looks better in person)

This nifty little breakfast nook glass table...

... which sits in the kitchen which is 3-4 times bigger than our last one! 

An actual kitchen table fits in here, plus the dishes and pots and pans—all of which had to be stored in the living room of our last apartment.

Gigantic fork and spoon hanging on the wall

Right when I saw these—upon entering the apartment—I felt like I was brought back to the past, as if I had known someone who had these on the wall growing up. My guess would be Mrs. Alling. I had this faint memory of sitting in her kitchen, staring at giant, wooden silverware and imagining giants eating from it. This memory might have otherwise been completely forgotten, had our apartment walls not been graced with the funny "decoration."

Views of an active street and seemingly old man bar

Take a look around your surroundings. What are you thankful for?
• • •