Sunday, January 31, 2016

Resolutions Checkpoint 2016: January

Resolutions Checkpoint - January 2016

January Progress

At the start of the month, I started this checklist in my notebook on a whim. The days of the month are numbered vertically along the lefthand side, with each day on one line. Then across the top I wrote different categories to track: go outside, stretch, calligraphy, read, read in French, drink water, eat fruits/veggies and journal. 

I put a checkmark in the corresponding box when I did the thing for at least 5 minutes, wrote tallies under "water" for number of cups drank, and words in fruits/veggies writing which fruits/veggies I'd eaten that day. 

The low 5-min minimum for a checkmark made it easier to start things like stretching, reading in French, and calligraphy. And even though some columns are quite bare, I would have done way less of these things had I not been keeping track.

On the right-hand page I'd write things I did that corresponded to the values from my third resolution.

You'll see it gets pretty empty after the 15th, which is when I first got sick with the flu. (Although I was drinking tons of fluids, I just kind of stopped keeping track of everything). I ended up being sick for over a quarter of the month (from the 15th until this last week of the month here), which put a damper on progress towards my resolutions—among other things I would have liked to get done.

But such is life; unexpected things come up. So here's the progress I made towards my three main resolutions this past month:

1. Volunteer

Did not do anything towards this one.

2. Learn Calligraphy
  • Practiced a mere three times.
  • Printed entire Kaitlin Calligraphy book and did the first page.
  • (Used faux calligraphy in TPK's Creative Challenge — this one's a stretch, hence the parenthesis)

3. Live Out My Values
  • Connected - Went to two OVS events (bowling and art gallery)
  • Creative - Participated in TPK's January 2016 Creative Challenge; listened to the entire "Magic Lessons" podcast (by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the book "Big Magic")
  • Curious - Went to art gallery
  • Confident - Talked to kebap man and grocery store lady one afternoon

Other goals
  • (+) Reading - Read 3 books (1 in French)
  • (+) Stretching - I kept track of this on that big January chart. I have four checkmarks in the stretch column for the month—which, although small, is more stretching than I would have done had I not kept track on paper!
  • (+) Gratitude - Wrote 3/4 Thankful Thursdays this month
  • (+) French - Finished five chapters in my French grammar book (ch. 6-10); read "Le Petit Nicolas" and added lots of vocab to my list from it, did one page of notes in my "French grammar notes" notebook.

In the same notebook as my big January chart, I'd actually also made a page for a January French study plan back at the start of the month. Here's what it looks like now:

February Focus

I actually really liked using the month chart for those smaller daily "things" I'd like to be doing, so I've already set one up for February:

And here are some smaller tasks to complete this month, to get me closer to my three main resolutions:

1. Volunteer
  • Spend 30 minutes researching volunteer opportunities in Rodez.
  • Select one Rodez volunteer opportunity to pursue (and take next step).
  • Send Ultimate Peace an email offering to volunteer virtually.

2. Learn Calligraphy

3. Live Out My Values
  • Read quote book every morning and track on February chart. (Over a year ago Hannah and Herm gave me this beautiful square notebook made of colored construction-ish paper (It's Le thé des écrivains). It turned into the place where I write quotes that inspire me, several of which were in this section of my 2016 resolutions post.
  • Connected - Host an English conversation table meet-up via OVS
  • Helpful - Spend at least one hour each week working on that ol' Korean Food Guide.

Other goals

I've also made a new French study plan page for the month of February:

All right, your turn! What progress have you made towards your resolutions this month? What would you like to accomplish next month?
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  1. Way to go, Rebe! Even though you don't think you did much, you did better than most, amazes me! Thinking about you next week in Mexico!

    1. Thank you! Enjoy the weather—I'll be thinking of you and our time in Mexico too!