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A weekend in Tonnerre: An ancient charitable hospital, Damien's graduation, a fancy dinner and more

This past weekend Damien and I loaded up the car Friday morning and took off for Tonnerre, where Damien lived for three years during college (his internship was in that town). Fun French fact: the word "tonnerre" means "thunder" in French!

We'd be staying with his old landlady and attending his graduation ceremony on Saturday, two hours away from Tonnerre.

(Yeah, that was a surprise for me too—"Your school is two hours from there?!" I said on the way up. Yeah, I've told you that before, he said without a doubt, clearly surprised that this information was a surprise to me. I'd obviously missed something all the previous times we'd ever talked about his college, so I had him explain it to me then, as I didn't understand the logistics at all. As I now understand it, they'd have class for a few weeks, and then internship for a chunk of time. So that's why he lived in Tonnerre for those three years, where he worked, and he'd actually rent a dorm room Monday to Friday in the town of his university for the weeks when they had class, and return to Tonnerre on the weekends.)

Somewhere around five hours after we'd left, Damien asked if I wanted to stop in Beaune. I didn't know anything about the town—not even where it was—but as always, why not see something new?


So we detoured a little bit (I think) and put an hour's worth of coins into the parking meter in central Beaune (pop. ~22,500).

Damien led us straight to the Hospices de Beaune (also called Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune), which was a hospital for the poor, founded in 1443.

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