Thursday, November 19, 2015

[Photos] A Saturday afternoon bike ride

A few Saturdays ago, Damien and I went for a little bike ride in the afternoon. It was a bit cloudy, but definitely not cold—which was great.

Damien waiting patiently as I snap photos of flamingos...

I loved that bright blue house on the water.

Yes, as you probably noticed in my last Palavas photo post, flamingos just live here! They're everywhere in the lakes.

We ended up biking to the neighboring town, to Damien's sister's house. While talking with Damien's brother-in-law, Ludo, Damien mentioned that we'd stopped several times "so Rebecca could take pictures of the flamingos." Hehe.

To this, Ludo asked me in total honesty: "What, you don't have flamingos where you're from?"

"No, I've only ever seen them in zoos," I told him.

But I guess that'd be like a foreigner taking photos of squirrels in Wisconsin, perhaps. And I could totally see a Wisconsinite asking, "What, you don't have squirrels where you're from?"

It was fun to be reminded that where you spend your time growing up and living really shapes your ideas about the world.

Just around the corner from the above photo was...

this gorgeous horse.

Small farms with horses are all over this coastal area, it's so cool! On our bike ride, and anytime we drive somewhere, we always pass many chevaux.

There are also tons of places in the area to go horseback riding (monter à cheval) for a few hours. I've had my eye on this activity ever since arriving, and it's been added to our "things to do" list.

Lastly, the bikers:

• • •


  1. Beautiful photos! Gotta love those flamingos. And I'm happy that you look so happy! :)