Friday, October 23, 2015

Cribs: Living on a postcard in Palavas, France

Yesterday I finally got up my first blog post since arriving to France over two weeks ago (thanks to the wifi at Damien's parents' house), and then today... our internet got installed—finally! Woo hoo!

So I had my very first day working from home in Palavas-les-Flots. We're temporarily living in this southern beach town while Damien looks for a job.

It's a pretty neat town, because it's located on a strip of land (well, dunes) with two different lakes on one side, and the Mediterranean on the other.

Palavas-les-flots map

Here's where it lies in relation to Montpellier:

Palavas-les-flots map

And if Montpellier's location is unknown to anyone who missed my time there this past spring, here's where Palavas/Montpellier are located in southern France.

Map of Montpellier in France

So because of the unique location, there are several canals going through town. I was giddy to spot our apartment on this postcard I'd bought from a souvenir shop!

Pictured above is the main canal that splits Palavas down the middle (north/south), and we're conveniently located just a block from the bridge that lets you go from one side to the other. (I've circled our place in light blue above.)

There are smaller canals going east/west as well, and one such canal is actually along our street! Here it is:

This is our street up above (on the right side); we're by the end of that line of five taller palm trees.

It's a corner apartment; here's the front:

We don't use the garage (left-hand side), that little window looks into our kitchen, and the closed shutters on the right-hand side is the front entrance.

When you open up the door's shutters, this is what it looks like:

The above photo was taken mid-Damien's project to cover up the windows with this floral pattern (seen in 3 windows) such that sunlight will come through, but people on the street can't see in.

It's finished now and looks great! He did the bottom three rows, so we can still look out the top row and see onto the street, which I like.

Straight inside those doors is the living room.

Here's the other side of the living room. The doorway on the right side of the photo goes into the bedroom, and that doorway on the left side is the bathroom.

Here you can see all three doorways off of the living room: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom:

The kitchen is tiny compared to American standards but it works just fine! (And has about as much counter space as my Korean kitchen had.)

View of kitchen from the living room:

The bedroom is perhaps the largest space in the apartment, and has back doors that go out into a huge patio/yard.

Looking out into the backyard from the back door:

And here's what the back door looks like, from the yard.

Since it's completely covered in shade, we actually haven't spent any time back here because it's really too cold.

This apartment is waaay larger than any of the studios we'd been looking at on AirBnb. It's owned by Damien's best friend's mom (and her sister), which they inherited from their parents. 

I think they must mostly use it during the summer, and then occasionally rent it out to people.

We're really lucky that they're letting us rent it from them now—at a really friendly price, too!
• • •