Monday, September 7, 2015

An unbelievable coincidence

"Oh my gosh!" I said aloud, in disbelief.

I was sitting in Hannah and Herm's living room—mind wandering—and then the thought randomly appeared.

But, can it be? That'd be too crazy, but I think it's true!

If there were any time to believe in any sort of destiny, this was it.

I'll explain: Do any longtime readers remember my Düsseldorf Project?

It had been off the blog for a while (I've since brought it back), but it started in 2012 while living in Spain as a push to see more of Europe.

There were so many places I wanted to go (everywhere), that I ended up just staying in Spain.

So I started Project Düsseldorf, using lyrics to Regina Spektor's song "Düsseldorf" as my new checklist of sorts, since she mentions the names of many European cities within the song.

The last time I'd updated it, I had visited 3 of the 13 cities.

So what does any of this have to do with my freakout in July in the basement of my best friends' Brixton flat?

Montpellier is in that song.

The Montpellier.

Yes, the Montpellier where I randomly chose to spend two months studying French this past spring.

The Montpellier where I enjoyed sunny afternoons out on my joyful patio.

The Montpellier where I met Damien.

That Montpellier.

I'd almost say it was meant to be.

It was stunning to find out I'd picked that location without realizing this whole time that it was in the song.

While looking through the lyrics again now, I see that I've also visited London and Marseille since the project's last update, bumping my total count from three to six.

So in honor of beautiful Montpellier and this awesome coincidence, here are a slew of pictures from around town and nearby:

This was on the street where I lived.

Take a closer look at these buildings—those windows and balconies are all painted on.

The post office (La poste)

The Camino de Santiago passes through Montpellier, and these metal shells in the street mark the way.
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