Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Facebook-free: Rachel Ann

facebook-free: giving a voice to the facebookless Rachel Ann

I'm proud to present a new series on the blog: Facebook-free. After having left Facebook 10 months ago now, I'm happier than I ever could have imagined with my decision—and couldn't picture going back. In an effort to show that there are many others living a Facebook-free life as well—each with their own reasons and insights—I've started the Facebook-free interview series as a new side project. 

Today I'm thrilled to introduce you to Rachel. Let's get started with some basics:

Age: 26
Location: Beloit, Wisconsin
Passion: Education
Length of time with FB account: 8 years
Amount of time since leaving FB: Almost one year (I left last October)

Walk us through your decision to leave. Was it planned? Spur of the moment?

My decision was one of those where my finger was on the mouse for quite a while and finally I clicked. I had been tired of Facebook rants, doing showboating challenges (even though they were for amazing causes - though how many of those people knew what they were supporting?), postings of how #blessed someone was because they got a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, someone venting about this minor thing , pictures of babies and pets; and just the lack of interest in what my "friends" were posting. I would rather call someone up on the phone to catch up, than see the drink they had this morning.

Main reason for leaving (in one sentence): 

Total lack of reality.

Tell us what it's been like since leaving.

It's been fine. I have missed a few events but people call or text me with news now. Those who don't, I know we are different friend levels. I am able to come up with more in depth discussions with people now because I don't know what they have been doing via pictures. Sometimes I feel disconnected but then I just pick up a book or my work and get over it.

What other social media do you still use, and what have you left?

I rarely use Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. I use them mostly as a means to store information for my job and to network. I do use Instagram and Snapchat daily, but never for more than 30 minutes total.

How do you socialize now? (How does it differ from when you were on Facebook?)

I reach out to people frequently with texts or phone calls, then organize times to hang out. This is pretty similar but I am forcing myself to make phone calls and texts more often to simply ask someone what is new. This has been hard but great, because I do love my me time.

What would you say to someone who's considering leaving FB?

I would recommend trying it and to commit to trying to leave it. I enjoy it.

Facebook has changed a lot since it was first released. Do you have any predictions about what it'll become in the future?

I really feel like I eventually will have to get it again. I wonder if it will be the sole means of communication someday, so it might be like living without a phone.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with us, Rachel!

Have you or has someone you know left Facebook? I'd love to feature you here! Please get in touch with me: @rebewithaclause or rebewithaclause [at] gmail [dot] com.
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  1. Awesome. I deactivated my account a couple weeks ago. On the road to a full deletion... Thanks, Rebe and Rachel!

    1. Very cool! I'll be curious to find out what you think so far.

      In fact, mine's still just deactivated. I haven't even thought about going back in to permanently delete everything. Maybe I'll want to reference it when I write a future memoir! ; )