Sunday, June 7, 2015

State of the French Learner Address: June 1-7

lundi, 1 juin
We had four new students in class today: an Italian guy, a retired woman from Germany, an American who has lived in Montpellier for 5 years (and speaks amazing French!), and a girl from Switzerland. We changed rooms too, so we're in a smaller room and space is a bit tight. Frank is our teacher for the next two weeks still, so I'm happy!

I went to ultimate again at the beach this evening, like last Monday. At GoLingo last week while talking with exchange partner Damien about ultimate, he said he was interested in trying it out... and he actually came today! So we had enought people at one point to actually play with two endzones instead of just two boxes. The guy from Quebec who had been organizing the event via Couchsurfing leaves this week for Quebec (and will be back in August), so he brought a bottle of wine to share afterwards. It sounds like some of the others are interested in continuing the Monday evening event when this guy is gone, so hopefully I can keep playing!

mardi, 2 juin
Today is my older brother's birthday! (Bon anniversaire!) After class I went to the Montpellier zoo with Asami, Pia and Nanomi. It was just like any other zoo: zebras, bears, rhino, etc., but it was interesting to read the info things in French. Here's a plant that really stood out to me—it was fuzzy!

Asami and I had a really frustrating run-in with the tram ticket control people on our way home from the zoo. Although we did just as you're supposed to, the machine didn't accept my ticket a second time to pay for Asami, so at the very next stop when there were control people, after an obnoxious "discussion" (they didn't listen to us), Asami had to pay a fat fine, when she really shouldn't have. So we walked all the way home, feeling angry at the tram people for being so rude.

At 7 I was off to my GoLingo language exchange, and then afterwards I grabbed a drink with Pia, Asami and Alessandro.

mercredi, 3 juin
After not having gone to the Spanish/French GoLingo since my first week, I signed up to go this week because I had no Wednesday night plans. Imagine my surprise to discover that it's now really difficult to speak Spanish! French words just kept sputting out—I couldn't help it. No matter how hard I focused, my Spanish was littered with French. I felt really bad for the native French speakers who wanted to talk with a native Spanish speaker, because my Spanish just was not cutting it. Some of the native French speakers had a super high level of Spanish, so I decided this will be my last Spanish/French night. On the bright side, that means French has really blossomed in my brain, and I can always refresh my Spanish to sharpen it up again.

Right after the language exchange, I went to a bar to listen to the Hippocampus Jass Gang. Remember the American in my class this week, who's been in Montpellier for 5 years? She's a jazz singer, and this is one of her two groups. She's mentioned it to the class, and I was really curious to hear her group, so a big group of us from class went to listen.

Image Source:
It was so amazing! Emily's voice is a mix between smooth chocolate and a jazzy trumpet. It was perfect! On the dance floor in front of the musicians, lots of people danced the lindy hop. Emily said many of them are either professors or dance students of lindy hop, and it was so so fun to watch. I really want to take up lindy hop now (check it out!)

jeudi, 4 juin
We had a fire drill during class today!

I ended up working all afternoon and had to skip Thursday night's language exchange to finish newsletters (this month I'm on newsletter duty, which must get done on Thursdays). All of my coworkers were online at the same time though, so we had a really good chat about our processes, and it sounds like we'll be changing up systems soon to streamline things.

vendredi, 5 juin
We had conversation in the afternoon, and then I worked for a bit before meeting up with Asami that night to say goodbye. Her last day of class was today, and she leaves tomorrow morning to do some traveling for two weeks before she heads home to Japan. She's been such a pleasure to see every day at school (we've been in different classes after the third week, but lately she's been coming to my apartment for lunch) and to hang out with. We laugh and smile lots!

samedi, 6 juin
I did a bit of work in the morning, then signed up for another "on va sortir" event, back at the same place where I did that yoga/meditation/relaxation event the other week. This one was for a free massage class. It was fun, just to do something different and break up the routine, but I wouldn't spend money on one of those classes because I didn't find the teacher very helpful. There were five others (and I think they pay for it weekly...), and he paired me up with another girl who was sitting (for me to massage her neck/shoulders) while the others worked on someone's back (who was lying on the table), and all he said was something like, "Ok, you start here," and then he was off to the other group. So there weren't clear instructions. Sometimes he'd say "smooth, smooth, smooth," or cut in and massage this woman for a few second so I could see what he was doing, and then try to imitate it. The woman and I kept switching places, so she'd massage me (score!) and then I'd massage her. Turns out she actually used to teach French at the school where I take classes!

The teacher was really interested in using me for English (ay the woes of being a native Englsh speaker!), so he offered to (I'm not exactly sure) either give me massage lessons/teach about Buddhism in exchange for me conversing with him in English, or a massage in exchange for English? I made plans to go there on Monday afternoon, so we'll see.

The rest of the day was really calm—I studied French.

dimanche, 7 juin
I spent most of the day inside studying/working on Sunday, so I made sure to get out and go for a walk in the evening. I brought my camera to try and capture the sights. Here are the pics!

The state of the French learner is strong!

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  1. Really enjoyed the windy hop video!

    1. I'm glad! I'm so entranced by it! There are classes in Madison I might try out in August...