Tuesday, June 9, 2015

[Photos] A Sunday evening in Montpellier

On Sunday I took an evening stroll around town. Here are some pics of downtown Montpellier:


Post office:

So, apparently Parkour isn't just a funny thing referenced on "Broad City"—I've seen lots of people here practicing it. I spyed on these two for a while, my jaw occasionally dropping as I gasped "Oh my god" with fear when they'd do some stunts.

Parc du Peyrou:

Mom, remember when we googled "Montpellier" when I talked to your class, and we did a street view? Pretty sure this was the big cross they saw... I think:

And here are some pics of the construction near my apartment, for the new tram line. I've actually loved the construction, because that means there's hardly any traffic at all on this main road, so it's super easy to cross/walk on!

20 seconds from my apartment:

My building:

• • •


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    1. I thought of Belleville several times in Montpellier, as the name is French!