Thursday, June 11, 2015

French club cuisine

Yesterday evening I went to a mini-cooking lesson, an optional "excursion" that my school offered. Basically there's a guy (company?) who leads all of the excursions/activities, and various French schools in town offer these activities to their schools. 

So while none of my friends signed up for this event (and I think only two others from my school did), there were tons of French students there from the boatload of other French schools in the area.

At 10 euros a head, and two tables of 12+, I started thinking this would be an awesome event to put on regularly back home for ESL students... (Permission to steal that idea, T.J.!)

Here are the three "dishes" we made (they were really simple, hardly worth of being taught in a class, IMHO):

1. Pain Bagnat à Tapenade

Take a baguette, toast it, then rub some garlic over it and then rub a tomato all over. Drizzle with EVOO. Lastly, put on either pesto or "tapenade" which is a paste made of olives, capres, vinager, oil, and herbs.

2. La Tartine des Garrigues

Next was another simple, baguette-based "dish." Basically, you toast a baguette, spread goat cheese all over, drizzle honey on top (amazing combination, by the way), and then sprinkle on some "provincial" herbes. Quick and tasty!

3. Les Crêpes Cévenoles

Lastly, we made crepes, which really isn't so difficult—even without the wooden tool you normally see used to quickly flatten out the batter right when you pour it on the hot pan. 

For those who may be unfamiliar with the treat, crepes are usually equated to "flat pancakes." They can be filled with sugar, cinnamon, nutella, etc. for a sweet treat, or made into a savory meal with fillings like ham, cheese, chicken, etc.

These were sweet crepes for dessert:

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