Tuesday, May 19, 2015

State of the French Learner Address: May 10-17, 2015

Here's a little bit about my second week in Montpellier, France, where I'm living for two months while studying French and working:

dimanche, mai 10
During the day I worked for a few hours and did some cooking.

That evening I went to the same language exchange as last Sunday. I only had one repeat French partner from last week, so it was cool that so many were in attendance.

I've started color-coding my planner so I can easily see how much time I've spent in each area of French: speaking (yellow), reading (green), writing (orange), and listening (pink). I also forgot to mention in my last address that on my first day of class, I borrowed the book "James and the Giant Peach" in French from the resource room (with tons of books and DVDs for check out). I'm reading at least a chapter a day, since they're tiny, and writing down new vocab.

lundi, mai 11
There's another holiday this week—on Thursday—so we had two extra hours of class in the afternoon. Since it was the start of a new two-week cycle at my school, we had a new teacher this week, Patricia.

Something else I did last week was subscribe to Netflix France, whose content is not available in the USA (taking advantage of my location, people!). It's really great because everything can be watched with French subtitles. I started a series called "Un village français" which is about a small French town being taken over by Germans during WWII. Watched two episodes that afternoon before doing a bit of work, and then homework the rest of the night.

My roomie came home tonight—she'd been in Paris visiting her mom the previous week.

mardi, mai 12
At some point during class this week, Patricia started giving me both worksheets—those for the lower and higher level. (I was previously just doing the "lower level" stuff)

After 9-12 class I went home to eat lunch, and then headed back to school for 14:00 conversation.

Afterwards a friend Asami and I walked around the center for a bit. We ran into our friend Pia two times while just walking around. Then we parted ways—she went home and I sat in a park reading for a bit. Gorgeous, gorgeous sunny days here, so I've gotta take advantage. On the way home I bought a cheap little 5 euro purse as an alternative to my big Madrid bag.

I think I just worked for a couple of hours after that.

mercredi, mai 13
After class I went to FISE, the International Festival of Extreme Sports, which is held every spring in Montpellier. I got so nervous watching, you guys! There were roller bladers, skateboarders, people on scooters, wakeboard, bikes, and perhaps something else I'm forgetting.

The setup was really cool, over a river. So in the photo below, that's a bank on the other side of the river. Later, during the actual competitions, that bank was covered with people watching across the river—so people can watch from both sides.

Check out how high this guy is, just on roller blades!

There weren't boats pulling the wakeboarders, but rather some sort of system with wires:

He landed fine... but yeah.

It was exhausting to watch extreme sports! On the way home I stopped at an outdoor market to get some veggies, and ended up buying a basil plant too. Ah, and then that purse I bought yesterday broke. The strap just completely ripped off, so I went back to the shop and the guy let me exchange it for another of the same kind. I took that as a success, as it was one of those places where you pay in cash and get no receipt, so I had low expectations (especially with my French).

That night I got a drink with the girls from my class.

jeudi, mai 14
I slept in a bit on our day off, then got in some work hours before finishing my last blog post. And then I was off to the beach! It was pretty windy, so we could only laugh at how sand kept getting blown on everything.

I went to GoLingo's French/English language exchange that evening.

vendredi, mai 15
On Friday after class I started working... and ended up working until 9 that night. Then I probably watched a village français episode

samedi, mai 16
Today I went to Lac du Salagou with friends from class. Here's the whole post (and lots of pics).

Read (in French, of course!) and watched two more episodes of Un village français that night.

dimanche, mai 17
I studied French basically all day. It was gorgeous, per usual, so I brought my grammar workbook and highlighters to the Parc du Peyrou (that I live 5 minutes from) and worked there for a couple hours. There is always something going on at the parks or in the center, so it's exciting to leave the apartment every day... you never know what you'll see!

Worked a bit that evening, and then watched Un village français.

The state of the French learner is strong!

State of the French Learner Address: May 1 - 9

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