Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day trip to Lac du Salagou

Yesterday, some friends from class and I went to Lac du Salagou (Lake Salagou), which is 30 min. from Montpellier according to Wikipedia—though that must be by car. We took a tram to the outskirts of Montpellier, then caught a bus, and then walked about 2km to the lake.

Montpellier is over there on the right, and Lac du Salagou is the blue lake-looking blob on the left side of this map:

We walked past some vineyards on the way to the lake.

Even before arriving to the actual lake, we could see the red "sand" (rock) that this lake is known for housing. Some people had written things by spelling them out with many white stones.

Lake Salagou!

We each brought our own lunch, and ate soon after arriving. It was super windy that day.

There were several little inlets like this, and other areas that were somewhat protected from the wind because of the rock walls surrounding them.

We spent the majority of the rest of our visit climbing and descending the red rock hills. This was really fun, a little challenging, and at times just a smidge dangerous. But not really.

Some of the "hills" were really steep, and almost always covered with these tiny little rocks—meaning no traction. More than once I slid down a whole hill because of those little rocks. And once, while trying to leave and go back the way we came, I had to mount a really high, steep part... and got stuck near the top because my feet had zero traction, so I cut up my hands a bit grabbing at the rocky surface to hold on to something. And remember the wind was really strong that afternoon. Yeah, that's one of the hills I ended up sliding down...

It was so much fun exploring and climbing around!

This plant was really interesting to me, as some of its leaves are randomly orange orange. Has anyone seen this before?

This plant below also caught my eye for a long time, whereas my German and Japanese friends had both seen it before and weren't impressed like I was. Do we have this anywhere in the USA?

There was a poor little tree all on its own in the middle of the lake:

It was a fun afternoon at the lake—a nice little day trip from Montpellier.


Public Transport: Take L3 or L1 to Mosson. From there you can take bus 303, and eventually change to 301 to get you the closest to the lake. There was a transport strike the day we went, though, so if you can take the 301 directly from Mosson, do that. The bus ride cost 1 euro there and 1 euro back.
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