Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thankful Thursday 4/9/15: Write_On

Thankful Thursday is a weekly segment that began 1/10/13—read why here
I invite you to join me in practicing gratitude!

As mentioned in my LWC post, April is National Card and Letter Writing Month here in the USA. Last year, two stationery companies began a #write_on challenge, where you send 30 letters in 30 days during April.

The campaign has its own website now, by the way, in case you're looking for writing inspiration or reasons to write. Their 5,000 free starter kits (4 letterpress cards and gel pen) were already claimed before April 1 though, so you'll have to sign up early next year if you want some free goodies!

I participated last year, and am doing so again this year. Today I mailed out my 9th letter, and still have a good list of names I want to send something to as part of the campaign. The magical thing is that this list seems to keep growing. A new coworker, an acquaintance who saw my outgoing mail on twitter, old study abroad friends who recently gave me their mailing addresses. And I'm so thrilled!

A month ago, I would have told you that I don't have any friends in town, and that this fact was definitely a source of feeling not very great. But one thing this challenge has shown me already is: Look! You have all these people to write to! You have their mailing addresses because you're certainly not strangers. Be grateful that you have all of these amazing people in your life; they're still very much with you even though they're scattered all over the globe.

And how cool that we have a postal service that—at a very cheap price—will hand deliver a hand-written message to these folks in a matter of days, keeping our friendships alive and growing. How so very wonderful indeed!

So we're nine days in already, but it's not too late to have a personal 20 letters in 20 days challenge! And if that's overwhelming, perhaps because you don't usually send any snail mail, then try sending just one letter/card this month.

Write on!
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