Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Resolutions Checkpoint: March 2015

It's the last day of March, you know what that means! Like always, I'm starting off with the progress I made towards each of my three 2015 resolutions, based on the tasks I gave myself last month. Completed tasks are in bold.

March Progress

1. Reach a high intermediate level of French.

  • Study French for 10 minutes a day, and track on yellow sheet. - Actually did really well at this, have been using FluentU nearly every day, and recently discovered a ton of awesome French music I've been listening to for hours each day! Got some children's picture books (French) and CDs from the library, too, along with "Shrek" so I could watch it in French.
  • Book 4-6 weeks at the language school in Montpellier. - Am taking 6 weeks of French classes May/June!
  • Find and book studio/room for 2 months in Montpellier on AirB&B. - Booked a place for May and June!
  • Buy plane ticket to France. - Flying to Madrid, plus booked train from Madrid to Montpellier.

2. Diversify my income to three sources.
  • Do state taxes - Checked details and decided I don't need to file state this year. Hope I'm right!
  • List 5 books online to sell.
  • List 5 more books online to sell. - Listed a bunch of books the Sunday after I did my last checkpoint, sold one the following Monday, then realized that was far too much work for the $2 I made... will sell the rest at a garage sale instead and donate remainder.
  • List trombone on craigslist. - Listed 3/9/15, Sold 3/18/15
  • Force yourself to finish the draft of this freaking Korean food guide! - Finished another section, actually.

3. Eat a whole foods, plant-based diet; improve digestion.

2015 Tid-bits
  • I read 4 books this month: Chris Guillebeau's "The Happiness of Pursuit," Ellen Degeneres's "Seriously... I'm Kidding," Austin Kleon's "Steal Like an Artist," and Lena Dunham's "Not That Kind of Girl." 
  • Worked a bit more on my photo album the other day.
  • Pulled out my calligraphy books in plain sight, and did a little bit one night

April Focus

Here are some specifics to accomplish during the next four weeks:

1. Reach a high intermediate level of French.
  • Keep doing 10 minutes of something French a day (at least—once I get going I usually go over! I've got momentum now!)
  • Buy travel insurance or whatever it was that the French school requires so they let you in!
  • Write one page in French each day (in my new lovely 'lil notebook I got from Sarah Schwartz's Letter-Writing Campaign)

2. Diversify my income to three sources.
  • Do "Kimbap Nara-type restaurants" section of Korean food guide
  • Have a garage sale the weekend of the 10th/11th (pending good weather); donate all remaining "stuff"
  • Publish post on Medium about what I learned on the Camino

3. Eat a whole foods, plant-based diet; improve digestion.
  • Watch "Vegucated"
  • Watch "Food Matters"
  • Rice elimination diet??
I'm also sending out some snail mail every day this month, as part of the #write_on challenge, and to celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month!

And, I leave in 27 days, so I'll be focusing on tying up loose ends and being "ready" for France, France, France!

Ok y'all, how are your resolutions going? What went well in March? What's one thing you want to accomplish in April?
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  1. That's a lot of bold - congrats! Let me know if you head east while you are in France :)