Monday, December 1, 2014

Resolutions Checkpoint 2014: November

Wow, here we are at the last month of 2014!

November especially felt faster than most months; the end really snuck up on me. I've been working much more on my "side editing gig" than I'd expected—around 30 hours a week, which also had something to do with the speed of this month I think.

As a result, I have more unfinished tasks than I'd like, but am still slowly making progress.

As always, my key is as follows:
     Bold = Completed
     Regular = Not completed
     Bold + Italics = Completed, not originally on task list

November Progress

1. Digestive health

  • Finish reading The Omnivore's Dilemma
  • Order ultra soil-based organism capsules and begin taking them
  • Set date/details/plan for month-long food challenge - Ahh! Whoops!
  • Ordered American Gut kit

2. Health site

  • Publish one post every Thursday - I published a post every Thursday except Thanksgiving
  • Weekly G+ updates, too

3. Non 9-5 work

  • Finish new blog template adjustments and make new pages, and go live! - Yikes, have I mentioned that November went fast?
  • Make writing schedule for eguides - Sorry guides, I'll come at you in December!

Background Goals

And here's my overall progress on those bits and pieces that would be great to accomplish this year as well:
  • Read 32 books this year (2 in Spanish)
    • I've read 30/32 books -- (2/2 in Spanish)
    • Finished The Omnivore's Dilemma this month—highly recommended!
  • Gain strength & muscle, enough that there's a notable difference in a before and after picture
    • I'm now going to Mat Pilates on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Zumba on Thursdays, with weightlifting a few times each week, too!
  • Add pull-down tabs to both of my Blogger blogs
    • Switched templates, then didn't like it anymore, still looking for a new template.
  • Walk the Camino de Santiago - CHECK!
  • Visit Hannah and Herm in London - SUCCESS!
  • Make a Korea bucket list and post it (and do it!)
  • Unplug more often
    • I quit Facebook today (Actually, I deactivated it last night)
  • Resume French study
    • I pulled out my Nintendo DS the other day to play "My French Word Coach," and have also pulled out (and opened!) my French grammar workbook. Plus occasional FluentU practice.

December Focus

1. Digestive health

  • Revisit IBS books from my bookshelf, now that I'm home. Any new info I can put into action?
  • Continue to eat lots of plants and avoid dairy/meat.

2. Health site

  • Publish one post every Thursday
  • G+ Updates too

3. Non 9-5 work

  • Get Korean Food guide to a complete rough draft stage, aka write, write, write!
  • Read The Art of Non-Conformity

So that's part of what I'll be up to this month. The to-do list sitting on my desk is pages long... lots of other things I'm working on as well: tons of blog posts to write, plenty of snail mail to send, and my room could use some good organization too!

The year's not over yet—you can still make some progress in whatever way you'd like instead of waiting until 2015 to make resolutions. What would you like to accomplish this month? Better yet, what will you do in December to work towards your goals?

Keep it small and simple, and feel free to share!
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