Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resolutions Checkpoint 2014: December

Before I regroup and get my 2015 resolutions finalized and posted, I wanted to do my final resolution checkpoint of the year, which tends to get forgotten with the buzz of a fresh new year and new resolutions.

At the start of December, here are the things I'd wanted to accomplish during the month, with the completed items in bold and comments in italics:

1. Digestive health

  • Revisit IBS books from my bookshelf, now that I'm home. Any new info I can put into action? - Whoops, honestly never cracked those books open.
  • Continue to eat lots of plants and avoid dairy/meat.

2. Health site

  • Publish one post every Thursday - I published four posts this month, on my Thursdays!
  • G+ Updates too - Check!

3. Non 9-5 work

  • Get Korean Food guide to a complete rough draft stage, aka write, write, write! - While I did at least touch it this month, I think it was only one day. This will become a higher priority in 2015.
  • Read The Art of Non-Conformity

Background Goals

And here's my final overall progress on those bits and pieces that I'd also wanted to accomplish this year:
  • Read 32 books this year (2 in Spanish)
  • Gain strength & muscle, enough that there's a notable difference in a before and after picture - I went to 7 weeks of Pilates and Zumba classes this fall, plus a few weight lifting sessions, and have signed up for 13-week sessions of "SHAPE" and Pilates starting in January.
  • Add pull-down tabs to both of my Blogger blogs - Really need to update my template in 2015.
  • Walk the Camino de Santiago
  • Visit Hannah and Herm in London 
  • Make a Korea bucket list and post it (and do it!)
  • Unplug more oftenI deactivated my Facebook account at the start of December, it's been awesome! (Details to come)
  • Resume French study - I slowly picked up speed this month, have turned my phone language to French, and will be making this goal take center stage in 2015.

How was your December in terms of resolutions/improvement? Are you getting ideas for 2015 resolutions?
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  1. Hi Rebe! Thanks for posting your resolutions and more so the specifics of accomplishing them. I always feel like I'm peeking into the window of success when I read your monthly goals. Gives me a lot of motivation and ideas for how to go about giving myself parameters to accomplish goals. Thank you!

    I also really like that you've switched your phone to French, and I saw your tweet about playing trivia crack in French. Awesome. Good luck this year ^^ I'm excited to follow you work and progress!

    - Abby

    1. Thanks for the comment love and encouragement, and I'm glad these provide some motivation for others! Yeah, playing Trivia Crack in French was accidental, but it's been soo exciting to understand gists of (or sometimes entire) questions and get them right—in French!

      I'm excited to follow your progress this year too! ^^ (That's a Korean smiley face, by the way, if anyone's curious!)