Sunday, December 14, 2014

Common items in a Korean elementary school

I've sprinkled bits (and sometimes dropped massive bits) of advice about teaching in a Korean elementary school over the past year. But what will it look like visually? What daily items can you expect to see?

Here are some items found around my Korean elementary school, that I believe are universals in elementary schools around the country:

Korean elementary school

School drinking fountain

Where food remains and silverware go after lunch

And the lunch trays...


Picture this as your standard set of Crayolas.

"Sign Pens"

"Sign pens" are just thin washable markers. 

If you're looking for a black permanent marker with a thinner tip than our Sharpie,
you'll want to ask for a "name pen."

X-acto Knife

As teachers, we use an x-acto knife and ruler to cut paper in half when we need half sheets, not a paper cutter.

And believe it or not, elementary students have a utility knife in their pencil cases 
in case they need them for an art project or something. 
Yeah, I really don't think that could ever happen in the states.

Amazing tape dispenser

Turn the outer black wheel with the arrow to the right,
and you'll get two rows of cut strips of tape along the inner black ring!

I loved this device; my co-teacher could't believe we don't have them in the states.
Here's a clip of the tape dispenser in action:

(Note: Only one side is loaded with a roll of tape in this video.
Normally two tape rolls are loaded, so you get two rows of tape strips.)

Amazing pencil sharpener

I forgot to grab a movie of this device in action, but basically you pull the two pink nubs
on the upper left side out, away from the sharpener and apart, 
and then put your pencil in the hole and then release.

It holds your pencil in place as you turn the crank, and as you turn, 
those pink nubs slowly get closer and closer to the pencil sharpener's base. 

When they're back at the base, your pencil is sharp!

Take a guess, what are in these cubbies?

Nope, those aren't lunch boxes, because everyone eats delicious Korean school lunches!

They're actually for shoes. When kids walk to school, their indoor school shoes (or "slippers") are in the case.
And once they change at the front door, their outdoor shoes stay in the cases during the day.

Here's a boys' rack of shoe holders:

"Slippers": Indoor school shoes

Cute pencil case (with oversized zipper)

Pencil cases come in all sorts of designs, but they're all cute.

Check out how huge this zipper is!

Classroom brooms

Yes, this broom is short, but since the kids clean the school, this is what they use.
Us teachers use the same brooms too, you just have to hunch over since they're short!

Recycling bin

This is where we'd put our recyclables. Paper went in the top two drawers, 
and other plastic bottles or whatnot in the third. New trash bags were in the bottom.

The kids come pull out the drawers and empty it every so often, 
on designated days between second and third periods.

So there you have it, some items found in my Korean elementary school. For those who have taught in Korea, were any of these items new to you? Did you have something different?
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