Saturday, November 1, 2014

Resolutions Checkpoint 2014: September/October

I'm in Wisconsin, everyone! I got in yesterday evening, just in time for some surprise trick-or-treating at the parents' house.

And after two months of suitcase/backpack living, I'm ready to establish some sort of coherent routine again, and keep working on this year's resolutions.

As always, my key is as follows:
     Bold = Completed
     Regular = Not completed
     Bold + Italics = Completed, not originally on task list

September/October Progress

If you recall, I gave myself some loose goals for the month of September, knowing that I'd spend most of that month (and the following) walking the Camino de Santiago. Here's how it went:

1. Digestive health

  • Eat as many plants as possible. - While I'm still eating meat, I definitely thought about it a lot more these past two months. I ordered vegetarian, dairy-free meals for my flight from Japan to Spain, always got falafel when eating kebap in Spain, and made many non-meat meals while staying with Hannah and Herm in London.
  • Avoid dairy and greatly minimize meat consumption. - I did buy dairy-free butter to accompany the bagels I was so gloriously reunited with in London, only had two spoonfuls of ice cream the entire time, but chocolate still got the better of me. Especially when I taught Hannah and Herm first-hand what puppy chow is. And while I minimized meat consumption, I'm not sure if "greatly" applies. I'll be more specific next time.

    2. Health site

    • [Hiatus] - A definite break was taken! It feels strange to be so distant from the site; I'm ready to dive back in.

    3. Non 9-5 work

    • Be open to getting inspired while walking the Camino. Write down ideas. - I have a huge to-do list and I'm excited to get creating, to keep on carving my own path.

    Background Goals

    And here's my overall progress on those bits and pieces that would be great to accomplish this year as well:
    • Read 32 books this year (2 in Spanish)
      • I've read 28/32 books -- (2/2 in Spanish)
      • Finished The Fault in Our Stars, The Giver, Veins, Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman, Bodas de sangre, Life on Fire, and The Unpredictable Consequences of Love these past two months.
    • Gain strength & muscle, enough that there's a notable difference in a before and after picture
    • Add pull-down tabs to both of my Blogger blogs
      • Have chosen a new template for this blog, and am working on adjustments
    • Walk the Camino de Santiago - CHECK!
    • Visit Hannah and Herm in London - SUCCESS!
    • Make a Korea bucket list and post it (and do it!)
    • Unplug more often
    • Resume French study
      • Plans are in the works, this will be a huge focus of 2015.

    November Focus

    1. Digestive health

    • Finish reading The Omnivore's Dilemma
    • Order ultra soil-based organism capsules and begin taking them
    • Set date/details/plan for month-long food challenge

      2. Health site

      • Publish one post every Thursday
      • Weekly G+ updates, too

      3. Non 9-5 work

      • Finish new blog template adjustments and make new pages, and go live!
      • Make writing schedule for eguides
      • • •