Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Living alone

An item on my life list has been to live alone for a year.

I'd thought for many years that I would really enjoy it, but financially I've had to live with roommates throughout college and for two years post-graduation.

But this past year, while teaching English in Korea, I finally got to live by myself in a one-room apartment!

And just as I suspected, I loved it.

I was so much more at ease -completely relaxed - whenever I was at home. Without realizing it, I started doing all those things you read about people who live alone. You know, those "weird habits" like never closing the bathroom door, taking your sweet time to put on clothes after showering, etc.

I could eat in my bed with no shame, talk to myself out loud whenever I pleased, and only use the heat or AC when I wanted to.

Living alone was everything I thought it would be, and I will definitely try to do so again when I'm next able.

After this upcoming week staying in a dorm room at a hostel in Tokyo, then a month of albergues while walking the Camino de Santiago, followed by two weeks bumming at my friends' apartment in London, the next place I'll be living at longer than a month is back home with my parents.

I'm not dreading this arrangement, as it's so often made out to be on TV shows and movies. I get along with my parents and look forward to hearing about their seemingly uneventful happenings every day - tales that I haven't heard during the past year.

This is obviously how I feel now, we'll see what I say in a few months!
• • •


  1. This is an example of living alone--to the extreme, but still this post made me think of it. It's a crazy, entertaining story if you have the time for it: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/529/human-spectacle?act=1

    1. Thanks for the link - I'll listen to it! Maybe I can listen to it on my phone while walking...