Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 8/7/14

Summer camp has been great these past two weeks!

I'm thankful...
  • That I've been allowed to use the AC all day in the English classroom
  • For the days that I've been taken to lunch or fed at school (1/5 the first week, and 4/5 the second week!)
  • That I get to teach the kids alone: Low stress and relaxed
  • That the combination of students in each class is manageable
  • For mornings and afternoons alone in the classroom
  • For mostly quiet hallways and not running into many people
  • The sixth grade boy who helps me sweep when he sees me sweeping at the end of class, without being asked to do so
  • For the two sixth grade girls that tell me "thank you" when they leave class
  • That my co-teacher plugged in the empty refrigerator on the first day of camp, so it's on when my computer's on during the day.
• • •


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