Friday, August 22, 2014

Thankful Thursday: 8/21/14

[Thankful Thursday is a weekly segment that began 1/10/13 - read why here.  I invite you to join me in practicing gratitude!]

As I've just returned from almost two weeks with my grandma and sister in Korea and Hong Kong, I have much to be thankful for.

I'm thankful that both my grandma and sister had the funds, health, time, and desire to visit me here in Korea. They were both incredibly flexible to whatever came our way, and very accommodating to new cultural customs.

I'm also thankful to the many kind people we encountered and visited during the travels, among them:
  • The bus driver who was very attentive and helpful when my grandma and sister made the bus trip alone from Seoul into my town
  • The mother of my student who works at the local GS-25, and gifted us chocolates and compliments when we stopped in to buy some waters.
  • The guy in the metro who stopped to ask if we needed help
  • The nice guy working at the small coffee shop in Gwangju who offered to take our picture without even being asked, and who used what English he knew to make us feel welcome
  • The Korean couple we stayed with in Gwangju, who shared their home and culture with us
  • The kind taxi driver in Gwangju who told me to go "slow, slow" when the taxis behind him were honking as I was rushing to grab money from my wallet after Jacki and Grandma had already hopped out
  • The two Mormons we met in the Gwangju train station
  • My sister's college friend Charmaine, her boyfriend, and all of her family in Hong Kong who treated us to amazing food, spent time with us, and gave us traditional Hong Kong gifts
  • Our hostel staff in every hostel
  • The people in Seoul and Hong Kong who gave up their seats in the metro for Grandma
The world is full of good people!
• • •


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