Monday, August 25, 2014

[Grandma and Jacki in Asia] Day 1: Wangsan Elementary (Mohyeon, Korea)

My sister and grandma actually arrived in Korea a few days earlier than when they came to my town. On their first full day they went up Namsan Tower and visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, and on their second day they took a DMZ tour. But this is the first day I spent with them, so I'm calling it Day 1.

Five minutes after I finished the final class of my two-week summer English camp that Friday, there was a knock on the door.

Could it be? Were they here already?

I set down the broom and dust pan and excitedly ran to open it.

My grandma and sister had successfully taken a bus from Seoul to my town, and then walked to my elementary school!

Jacki said that on their journey into town, it felt like I was a prophet - everything I'd said had come true. All of the landmarks I'd told them to watch for appeared!

After I finished cleaning up the English room and giving them a tour of the school, we left back out into the heat and dropped off some things at my apartment.

Eventually we were ready for lunch: shabu shabu! (Sorry Grandma, this is the only picture I took!)

Partway through the meal our waitress came over with two forks, but we declined. Grandma and Jacki were really persistent with using chopsticks the entire trip.

We stopped at the GS-25 for some waters after lunch, though the main reason for our visit was to see if my student's mom was working. She'd sold me the two T-money cards weeks earlier that I mailed home for Grandma and Jacki, so she knew they were coming. This woman had also been super kind to me these past few months, once I met her and realized whose mother she was.

As I'd figured, she was very excited to meet some of my family. After showering us in compliments, just as we were about to leave she gave us three bags of chocolates on the house! So sweet.

Then it was back to my apartment to cool off and figure out what all I should bring along to try and squeeze into Jacki's suitcase later to send home.

I finished blogging about summer camp, and grandma got in a nice little nap before we realized it had gotten late and we really should be heading back now.

I stayed at My Home again just for the night, while Jacki and Grandma spent their final night in the two-bedroom room at Seoul Station Pencil Hostel.

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