Thursday, August 28, 2014

[Grandma and Jacki in Asia] Day 10: Hong Kong Museum of Art (Hong Kong)

My sister and grandma came to visit me in Korea during my summer break. We were together from August 8 - 20, 2014. Here are the retellings of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4Day 5Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, and Day 9.

On Sunday morning Grandma and Jacki went to church, while I was determined to walk back to Temple Street where we'd had dinner the first night, and then buy some postcards from one of the many stands.

That's when I learned that Temple Street is a night market, as the whole place was deserted.

Walking back, I noticed a construction project that was using bamboo wired together as scaffolding. I'd see this many more times while in Hong Kong.

Grandma, Jacki, and I then walked down to the shore - where you can see across to Hong Kong Island. It was super, super hot today, even hotter than the previous days I'd say.

So we escaped the heat in the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Hong Kong Museum of Art

The area outside of the museum had just been redone in February. The current exhibition included a reflective sculpture, which reminded us of a mini Chicago bean.

We left the museum around 14:15 and took a brief stroll along the shore, right behind the museum. This location is directly across from Hong Kong Island.

We had lunch closer to 15:00 in the YMCA building, the closest building to the museum. We enjoyed escaping the heat and feeding our grumbling bellies.

While walking back to the hostel after our late lunch, I saw a gigantic construction project. It was all held up by... you guessed it - bamboo.

I found some postcards on the walk back, so I spent the next hour writing postcards back at the hostel. Grandma was in for the night, but Jacki and I left around 7:30 to watch the "Symphony of Lights" that takes place every night on the shore between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

First Jacki picked up some ice cream from the place right by our hostel. It's "Nitrogen ice cream," and is mixed right in front of you with a foggy haze coming out of the mixer that's reminiscent of dry ice.

Here's what the skyline looked like at night:

The Lights Symphony was around 15 minutes long. Music was playing from the speakers, and lights from various buildings on both sides would change to the beat. It wasn't all that easy to spot though, as most of the city lights were unchanging, and not part of the nightly show. But neat to see once, nonetheless.

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