Thursday, August 28, 2014

[Grandma and Jacki in Asia] Day 11: Big Buddha (Hong Kong)

My sister and grandma came to visit me in Korea during my summer break. We were together from August 8 - 20, 2014. Here are the retellings of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4Day 5Day 6, Day 7, Day 8Day 9. and Day 10

On Monday we hopped on the metro and met with Charmaine, Tom, and Charmaine's father to take a cable car up to see the Big Buddha.

There were some amazing views from the cable cars. The windows made a terrible glare in photos, so I mostly just looked with my eyes.

The cable car ride lasted about 25 minutes.

We had another spectacular lunch, possibly my favorite food we had in Hong Kong, at the monastery. It was a vegetarian lunch with incredible flavors. As a result of the reading and learning about health this year (one of my new year's resolutions), I've been planning in the back of my mind to do a trial month with no dairy or meat once I'm back in the states this fall. Our lunch that day got me really excited to explore more vegetarian and vegan foods.

After lunch Charmaine, her father, Jacki, and I walked up the steps to the Big Buddha.

They weren't steep and it really didn't take too long (or too much energy) to get up to the top.

I spent tons of time soaking up the views from the top

I took some pictures, which I'll share here, but I mostly tried to commit the view to memory without the camera in front of me. A photo could not do that scene justice, and I wanted to really appreciate the natural beauty - not just snap some quick pics and head back down, or try forever to get the perfect picture from my little point and shoot.

Green mountains surrounded most of the area, while a body of water with many small islands was visible from behind the Big Buddha. I loved it.

After staring and staring, much wanting to give this beauty the time and appreciation it deserved, the pictures I took served as a reminder to me of these views I had enjoyed so very much. This time I wasn't trying to capture it, as most pictures aim to do, but rather I just wanted an aide to help me remember - if that makes sense.

And then it was time to go back down and meet up with Grandma and Tom. We made our way back to the cable cars (~17:30), whose line had about a thirty minute wait.

I liked the look of the slight color in each of these four apartment buildings we saw on the way back, side by side:

When we got back to the metro station it was past 6, and we decided the three of us were ready to make the trip back to the hostel and call it a day, instead of heading to do something else with Charmaine and Tom. We also needed to pack, as Tuesday would be our final day in Hong Kong.

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