Friday, July 11, 2014

The week in review: 7/7/14 - 7/11/14

Monday, July 7
The computer guy finally came and updated my computer to Windows 7 today, after hearing that it would happen for over a week. My main co-teacher mentioned summer camp today for the first time, asking if I had any ideas. She was surprised to know I'd already planned the whole thing, and planted some doubts in me about the level being appropriate (might be too hard for 3rd/4th) so I'll take another look and can always adjust.

My second grade boys were really riled up this afternoon, tons of energy and anger. It was so incredibly hot when I left school today. We'd been hot in the English classroom, but being outside was a different level. It felt like hot hair dryers were being blown all over me. 91 and really humid.

Tuesday, July 8
Sixth grade was great again today - I'll especially miss these kids since I see them twice a week and they can generally say more than the others. After school I saw a 7th grader who I had last year. One of her sisters is in my third grade class, so I mentioned that, and then we awkwardly continued to walk down my precious green street as I tried to make easy conversation every few steps.

Wednesday, July 9
My co-teacher and I were all set for the third graders' "Show Time" class period (role play), when sixth graders started coming through the door at 9:00. Turns out they had decided to change the schedule many weeks ago, and she'd understandably forgotten. So I quickly grabbed my other books and we taught sixth grade for one period, and then the third graders. It was super, super humid today, and luckily we got to have AC on for most of the day! Rained briefly in the afternoon, still hot and humid as ever.

Both my co-teachers left early today, so I was left a key and had the room to myself for the 1st/2nd class at the end of the day. The teacher who had them that day hadn't been told that class would be in the English room, so I had to go down to their room and try to explain to her with gestures that I was told the kids would come up to the English room for class. They did, and it was fine. Only two class periods left in the semester!

Thursday, July 10
All I have to say is this: 82 degrees at 8am. Super humid, and it only got hotter as the day went on. There were several behavior issues in multiple fourth grade classes today: a boy made a girl cry by yelling at her, and a boy kicked another in response to being hit by him. The highlight is that we played a new writing game, "Let's Write," with whiteboards and it was a hit!

Friday, July 11
Fifth graders were their usual selves - not paying attention and rudely chatty. I've been getting a bit angry on both Thursdays and Fridays, but I have to adjust my expectations and remind myself that kids are kids. They want to play with each other and couldn't really care less about sitting in a desk and opening their books to the right page and writing their g's correctly, etc. Also, the main point to remember is that students respond to the expectations and environment set by the teacher. This is so clear when I compare Thurs/Fri classes with a Mon/Tues/Weds class taught by my other co-teacher, but unfortunately doesn't remove any of the frustration.
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