Friday, July 25, 2014

The week in review: 7/21/14 - 7/25/14

Monday, July 21
We only had three sixth grade classes today instead of the usual four because the kids are going home right after lunch this week. I took a picture with two of the classes, and I'll take a picture with the other two tomorrow. In the afternoon my co-teacher asked me to fill out a spreadsheet for English camp supplies, so I don't have to worry about that any more. I accidentally fell asleep after school and napped for at least two hours. It really threw off my sleep schedule...

Tuesday, July 22
You can almost feel the excitement for vacation; Friday's fifth graders are going to be wild, I can just tell. I found out that second semester starts a day earlier than I thought. Luckily I'll be back from Hong Kong, but I was planning on having that one day to unpack/re-coop/upload photos and the like. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 23
The third graders had their last class of the semester today. I'm realizing that the third graders I had during winter camp had finished an entire year of English, but for summer camp their level will be what it is now. Eek. Had my last class with the "new" 1/2 graders today.

Thursday, July 25
When I got to school at 8:30 there were a few students in the room. A bit later some more came, and then my co-teacher started talking to them. Through hearing my name and a few English words, I figured out they were my summer camp students! She was giving them some type of overview ahead of time. Would have been nice for a head's up - I tried to peek through the mirror to see who some of them are. I'll find out soon enough though.

I had trouble sleeping last night, so it was amazing that my co-teacher had the kids watch a movie for their last English class of the semester. We've never watched a movie in class before ever. It rained all night and most of the day, so it fit the mood.

Friday, July 26
I found out that one of my co-teachers had been in a small car accident (I heard the word "bumper" mentioned a lot when they were talking later in the day in Korean) and would get here closer to 9. She's not the one I teach with on Fridays though, so it was a little strange to not see my other co-teacher even after the bells rang at 9 (his backpack was at his desk, he was just elsewhere in school). I didn't know what our plan was for fifth grade class today, but there weren't any students in our room at 9 so it didn't matter. He came back to the classroom a bit later and I asked about class. Oh there's no class today, he told me. Alrighty then - good deal!

My other co-teacher got in soon after, and put up a big banner across the chalkboard for summer camp that she must have made and printed from a plotter somewhere. There were also name tags with the kids' names written in English, with the schedule for them on the backside. I think the sign and name tags are really great! It would have been nice to know they were being made, but I know time and language constraints don't allow for me to know everything I'd like to know about the camps, even though I'm the instructor. She had to leave early at noon, I'm assuming to figure out the car stuff, so we didn't really have time to talk, but she said she'd be here on Monday.

The students all went home before lunch, meaning the cafeteria was closed. The teachers all drove to a restaurant for a quick lunch, which the principal paid for. My final daycare class ever ended up being five of my 2nd/3rd grade boys. We played an Angry Birds PPT game that I had prepared. When I got back to the classroom there was a box of paper cups and a shopping basket of cookies, juice, candy bars, and the book Who Stole the Cookies? - so a few items from my camp materials list. I'm just assuming everything else will be here by Monday.
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