Friday, July 18, 2014

The week in review: 7/14/14 - 7/18/14

Monday, July 14
I started feeling a bit nauseous on Sunday night, so I didn't eat breakfast today and actually wasn't hungry all morning - not even at lunchtime. So it was kind of ironic that in the afternoon, it was one of my kids that puked, not me, in the second grade daycare class. He was standing up and it just kind of splattered all over the floor, hah sorry for that image. Just the other day I was thinking about all of the reasons why I like teaching elementary, but man, having to be around other kids' vomit is not cool. Took a nap when I got home to try to re-coop. Bought my plane ticket to London in October!

Tuesday, July 15
We only had one sixth grade class this morning because a school election for second semester took place during the other morning periods. Kids get elected as class president of each grade or something, I think. Finally thought of a goodbye gift for my current and past co-teachers: books! So I ordered a bunch on Amazon that my sister will bring when she comes (thank you!). We got a document (via Messenger) about this weekend's teacher trip, so I used Google Translate to figure out most of the schedule. I don't recognize any of the names of teachers I'm rooming with, but I'll probably recognize faces on Friday. We leave at one something in the afternoon, which means I have to cancel both my Friday daycare classes.

Wednesday, July 16
Both of my co-teachers were working on summer camp lesson plans for camps elsewhere today. I don't really understand if they'll be teaching at another school, or simply had to help make the lesson plans, but I helped them out a bit with each one. The second grade after school teacher messaged me to cancel class next week Friday, as it's the last day before summer break - a half day for the kids. I've noticed most students this week have been leaving school right after lunch, instead of staying until 2:30.

Near the end of the day while talking with one of my co-teachers, I found out that today the principal strongly denied the request for another native English teacher to replace me in September. The reasoning is because GEPIK, the organization through which I'm contracted, is changing all native English teacher contracts to begin March 1 and end February 28/29 (instead of Sept. 1 - Aug. 31)  to go with the Korean school year. This change starts next March. Therefore they aren't signing any new contracts for this September, but schools can contract a native English teacher directly for the next six months. However, our principal doesn't want to be responsible/liable for that, and prefers to wait until the contract is through GEPIK in March. So, I feel bad that the kids and my co-teachers will go the rest of the year without a native teacher, but it's out of my hands.

Thursday, July 17
In my daycare class today I had the kids make the alphabet with their bodies, on the floor. This kept them occupied and engaged the whole class! The boys were a bit loud and rowdy, but they still made each letter and I took pictures of each one. I'd like to turn it into an alphabet book for the class or the English room, but I'm not sure if I can finish it before the semester ends. At the end of the day my co-teacher said I had to get permission on my attendance sheet to leave early tomorrow for the teacher's trip, which meant getting the head teacher and VP's signatures (principal was gone that afternoon on a business trip). Looks like it'll rain, so I've been warned to bring an umbrella!

Friday, July 18
The school day went by quickly today, since it was just the four morning classes and lunch before we boarded the bus at 13:30. It was raining in the morning, but the sun and heat came back by lunchtime. I'll write up a full post or two afterwards about the teacher's outing. Have a nice weekend everyone!
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