Friday, July 4, 2014

The week in review: 6/30/14 - 7/4/14

Monday 6/30
Sixth grade classes went well per usual. Our fifth period got moved to first period which was great because then we didn't have class immediately after eating lunch. I managed to get a bit more done on camp, even though I had two afternoon daycare classes too.

Tuesday 7/1/14
My co-teacher told me that I won't have to pay for internet with the new landlord after all! So that gives me just over 2 months without the 50,000 KRW apartment management fee. She also said that the old landlord says I owe for May plus 10,000 for the beginning part of June. I'll check my receipts, fairly positive I already paid for May.

Wednesday 7/2/14
Third grade classes were good - today was a writing day, our words being eraser, ruler, pen, and book. I got lots of daycare planning done in the afternoon. I showed my co-teacher the ATM receipts I'd kept from each transfer to my old landlord, which showed that I had already paid for May. So she called and they'll double check and get back to her. In my afternoon ("new") daycare class we made "D is for dog" doghouses out of the letter D. The inner D is the door, which you open to see the dog inside. The teacher told me next week class is upstairs in the English room. So I'll be able to use the TV (yay!) but that means I'll essentially be kicking both of my co-teachers out of  their "offices" (YJ has been using the classroom computer as an office when classes aren't in session, and YH usually leaves the room when another class is in session but he's on break.)

Thursday 7/3/14
My R/F co-teacher had been gone all Wednesday afternoon, so I didn't know what we were doing today until he got in 20 minutes before class. I had to quick throw together a game PPT as he quickly threw together a key phrases PPT. I really don't like that last minute stuff when I could have easily made something early, had I known.

I had my 2nd grade daycare kids play tic tac toe with various letters as one activity today. There happened to be an even number (10) at that moment, and everyone played and was concentrated on the activity. Yay!

Alphabet Tic Tac Toe

Then other kids started to trickle in one by one during the last 10 minutes of class, the computer shut down on me (it usually does this once per class now), and things got a bit crazy. A boy chucked his pencil case across the room in anger. But for at least 10 minutes everyone was quietly playing tic tac toe. It was awesome.

Friday 7/4/14
In the afternoon on Friday, my sixth and final class of the day, I was surprised to walk into the second grade classroom with only four kids inside! Late a fifth joined us, but it was so nice to have a tiny class for one day. It's my dad's birthday today, so I got the kids to sing him happy birthday while I recorded a video - they're so cute!
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