Monday, June 16, 2014

"Work vacation"

This past week I've had a burst of motivation to be productive, and since this certainly doesn't happen all the time, I wanted to keep it going into the weekend and take full advantage of the situation. So to avoid distractions at home, I went into Seoul on Saturday and brought my laptop along.

I started at a Starbucks, one of the last places I'd normally go to, and stayed for about four hours. It was great!

Then I grabbed dinner and dessert to go, and brought it back to the studio room I'd booked at My Home hostel in Sadang. Back to work!

By the end of the day on Saturday (I somehow stayed up past midnight even though I woke up at 6:30 that morning. Must be the caffeine I normally don't consume.) I had accomplished the following:
  • Seoul/Hong Kong trip planning with sister for over an hour, just one hostel booked so far
  • I finished/wrote four posts here:
  • Started a draft for a Seoul hostels post
  • Published two posts on John and mine's health blog, finally "caught up"!
  • Stretched, then made and uploaded Day 56 video to Give it 100
    • (Spent over an hour troubleshooting a frustrating iMovie problem during that too! Ug!)
  • Ordered Hiking Wool from NZ for the Camino de Santiago
  • Listened to well-over two hours of Clash of Kings on audio while in transit today
  • Spent nearly two hours reading posts about what to pack for the Camino de Santiago
    • Ordered a Camino guide book online
    • Started my packing list
Sunday was much less productive, with the pending "doom" of Monday looming in the air, and a tired me. After spending the morning working on an application via email, I checked out of the hostel just before noon. I went to another Starbucks to work, but didn't stay too long, as I wasn't nearly as focused as I was on Saturday.

I headed home around 13:30, and was exhausted and felt a bit nauseous (per usual) from that darn bus ride when I got back to my apartment sometime after three. I napped a bit later that afternoon, something I rarely do here, but apparently my body needed some more sleep. By the end of the day on Sunday, this is what I recall having accomplished:
  • Found and applied for a blogging job at FluentU
  • Spent another hour on next month's Teach Abroad Blog Carnival post that I started writing last week. Not finished yet!
  • Researched for next week's health blog post, started a draft
  • Stretched, made and uploaded Day 57 video to Give it 100
  • Wrote two letters for friends
I would definitely stay at My Home again, and actually might do so this coming weekend as well. It was so great on Saturday to choose what to work on, and be on my own schedule. During the week all of my energy gets sucked up by teaching and lesson planning, I don't usually have much left in me when I get home from work.

This weekend "work vacation" success has provided more motivation to keep after my third resolution of not working a 9-5 when I go back to the states this fall. The day was much more fulfilling when I was working on projects I wanted to spend my time doing.
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