Friday, June 13, 2014

The week in review: 6/9/14 - 6/13/14

Monday, June 9
I was surprisingly eased back into the full school week after having last Wednesday and Friday off when my co-teacher told me our first three periods wouldn't meet today. Wahoo! I worked on summer camps hardcore. Later I found out my Thursday/Friday co-teacher would be gone on a business trip tomorrow, but he normally teaches fourth grade English on Tuesdays (while I teach sixth grade English with the other co-teacher). So it was decided that we'll swap my Tuesday and Thursday classes, so tomorrow I've got fourth grade on my own (maybe the homeroom teachers will sit in) in the English class. This is good though, because our big Open Class next week is with fourth grade, so they can't get any farther behind!

I was extra exhausted when I got home from school after brief trips to the post office and grocery store. It felt like a headache was on its way - must have been the heat. I was sure to do my stretching and post my Give it 100 video (Day 51!) before collapsing on the bed and being less productive later in the evening.

Tuesday, June 10
My co-teacher YJ told me this morning to make sure fourth grade homeroom teachers stayed in the room when I taught alone today. The classes all went fine, except for the fact that I had followed Thursday's class schedule, when the class order is actually different on Tuesdays. Since one class was ahead one period, this did make a difference. So essentially, without realizing it until it was too late, I taught the lesson's fourth period (with an extra worksheet my co-t had printed) to a class that hadn't done the third period yet. Later I started teaching third period to the class that was ahead - who had already had third period last week. This is when I realized my mistake. I didn't have any worksheets to give them, since I'd done them with the wrong class earlier in the day, so I improvised a bit and added a whiteboard writing activity on the spot.

My afternoon was filled with much progress on my summer camp plans. I'm making lots of materials and getting excited about the detective handbooks my kids will make! Here's a preview:

Wednesday, June 11
Another nice surprise today, one of my third grade classes had some special activity and did not meet for English. At some point in the afternoon another teacher came in and talked with my co-teacher. When the woman left, my co-teacher told me that I'd be teaching the new 1st/2nd after school class today instead of my usual second grade. Okay, at least I could reuse first grade lesson plans, so I wasn't in a time crunch to pull a lesson out of thin air. Four minutes before class I walked down to their room. Eight students were sitting in the room, all spread out among the desks. The room is quite bare, not even a clock on the wall, and as I continue to look around I notice to my horror that there is no TV. Let me say that again: There is no TV! I rely heavily on youtube songs (Dream English) to sing and play games with the kids, and had planned the entire lesson around the songs. Oh my.

So it was a very scrappy class. Halfway through I noticed that there were speakers hooked up to the computer, so maybe I could at least play the audio of a youtube song and do some of the activities I had planned. But the Internet Explorer (blah, Korea!) wouldn't let youtube work, and everything was in Korean! The Korean teacher came back in and tried to get it up, but ultimately it didn't work. Also, she was up at the computer working most of the time anyway, so I'll have to figure out something else for all future classes.

I'll only have this class once a week, which means I'll teach them just six more times before summer vacation starts (but who's counting... heh). It'll be okay, but not having a TV is a huge inconvenience because I can't just reuse old lessons (and it's harder to keep attention when it's just you).

Thursday, June 12
It was nice to have the sixth graders with YJ today (normally I teach fourth grade on Thursdays). They're the only grade that I see twice a week, so I know the students much better and they're hard workers. A pleasure to teach. At lunch YJ asked how my daycare class went yesterday. I told her about there not being a TV, and how I was caught off guard. She said she'll ask the after school coordinators if we could have class in a different room (with a TV). Crossing my fingers... We had English Club in the afternoon after about a month without meeting. It was nice to talk with other adults about something other than lesson plans, even if the conversation was very basic.

I bought my plane ticket to Hong Kong today, where I'll go with my sister and grandma in August during summer break!

Friday, June 13
A schedule change and special event left me with only two fifth grade classes to teach in the morning, followed by my two regular daycare classes in the afternoon. I was still drained by the end of the day, so I took it easy tonight and didn't do any work after posting my Give it 100 video.
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  1. Way to go, Rebecca...thinking on your feet! Teaching doesn't always go according to plans. :)

  2. Would you have a sample of your detective handbook that you could send back with Jacki? Please save it if you can. It looks very interesting!

    1. Yeah! I can definitely make an extra and send one home (I'll want to keep one too -- hehe). I've been making all of the parts on Google Drive, so I can share each separate piece with you, too.