Sunday, June 1, 2014

Namdaemun Market

After a fantastic visit to the Namsangol Hanok Village on Saturday, John and I met up with my friends Abby and Anne for shabu shabu lunch near Sookmyung Women's University (where I used to have Saturday afternoon Korean classes in the fall). Afterwards we got ice cream at Voila just across the street, where they make the ice cream fresh in front of your eyes in mixers with dry ice. Mmmm.

Then the girls headed off to an exhibit at Korea's National Museum, but John and I had planned to check out Namdaemun Market, just a few blocks from Seoul Station.


I couldn't believe I hadn't come here yet, but was so glad to be there that afternoon. The vibe was so energetic!

So many people, yummy + cheap street food, good deals, plus some bartering.

We spotted some strange things, too, like this batman Coca Cola baby shirt:

And these mannequin heads just hanging out on this corner:

We both made some purchases that afternoon. John found some gifts, as did I, plus many summer clothing items for myself. Cheap, cheap!

When we were all shopped out (and hot, wanting to sit indoors) we stopped by this beautiful fountain before heading inside a nearby coffee shop for a break with cold drinks.

I love how you can see the big screen on the building in the background in that picture. 

And here we are, one at a time:

After resting our feet and cooling off in the cafe, we stopped back at the market so John could try a Korean "pancake". We got the seafood pancake, which uses egg to hold all of the tentacles and vegetables together.

It was such a great day in Seoul!
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