Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Everland Rose Festival

John and I decided to spend the day at Everland, the big amusement park that happens to be not too far from my town. I went there last fall when the whole place was decked out in Halloween stuff, but now the theme is "Rose Festival". The entire park had a completely different vibe.

We each got the foreigner's discount, plus my Korean NH debit card got us an additional 50% off! So normal pricing for an adult day-pass is W 46,000 each (W 92,000 for two people), but we only paid W 23,000 each (W 46,000 total)! Woot woot!

Rose Gardens

There were many gorgeous rose gardens back behind the European area, with calm music playing from speakers hidden in the plants. One garden had some creative picture frames filled with flowers (pictured bottom right).

Animals at Everland

John really liked seeing all of the different animals in the Zootopia section of the park. Here's a small sampling (my favorites were the foxes):

The only ride I'd go on was the Columbus ship pictured below, and even that had my stomach dropping more than I would have liked. John also went on the T-Express, the world's second steepest wooden roller coaster, but you couldn't pay me to go on that.

K-pop Hologram Concert at Everland

When John and I went to see X-Men on Sunday, we accidentally went to the 9th floor of the wrong mall at first. Instead of the movie theater we found ourselves at a K-pop hologram concert venue. It was the first time I'd ever heard of a hologram concert, but John was really excited about it. He wanted to go back and see one.

So imagine our surprise (and John's delight) to see that the newest addition to Everland was a K-pop hologram concert space! I'm still not sure if it was included in our day-passes or not, because the guy checking tickets was occupied with someone else when we slipped into the room, but we got to see a hologram concert!

I didn't know what to expect, but you guys, the holograms looked so real. The band was Big Bang, and it looked just like real people on stage. Other than the fact that sometimes the people would fade out or be floating around, I couldn't tell it was a hologram. So crazy. Crazy awesome.

And what a money maker for the k-pop industry! Record/perform it once, and make money every time it's played again. There was cheering/applause coming out of the speakers as well, so it felt like you were in a huge concert space even though we were really in a small square room.

Everland success

It was a great day! The weather was perfect too, after two days of continuous rain. Tonight we've got to get packing and figure out logistics for John's departure on Friday morning. He'll probably go into Seoul with my big suitcase (winter stuff I'm sending home) tomorrow while I'm at school, and then I'll meet him there in the evening with his smaller carry-on. We'll stay at a hostel to get to the airport on time Friday morning.
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