Friday, May 23, 2014

The week in review: 5/19/14 - 5/23/14

Monday, May 19
I woke up numerous times during the night, so Monday was a tired day for me. YJ is still playing around with ideas for our open class on Wednesday with a sixth grade class, so today she tested some different activities. All four of the sixth grade classes we taught were different. I was really tired during my two daycare classes. My co-teacher YH actually moved most of his desk stuff (computer) into the English room on Friday. Still no word about when I should move, or where exactly my desk is moving to (I've heard different things from each co-teacher).

Tuesday, May 20
The Vice Principal and Principal came into the English room again this morning as YJ and I were preparing for class. They looked at the space and shelves, while talking with YJ. I wish I knew what they were saying! We did some more experimenting with the sixth graders today (different activities with different classes), and then we finally chose the activities for tomorrow's open class. After lunch I typed up the new lesson plan and put the PPT together. YJ told me I'll be lead teacher and she will support. Later in the afternoon a bunch of first and second grade teachers brought in a couch, little sofa, and long coffee table into my (old) office that I'm still in. YH said tomorrow I will move next door into the 3rd grade office. There's hardly any room to stand now in the 1st/2nd grade office, so we need to get our desks out of there.

Wednesday, May 21
Our first period (open class) started ten minutes earlier than normal today, and the rest of the periods followed suit. All of the teachers were dressed really nicely (me too!), parked cars filled the dirt field in front of the school, and parents roamed the halls. There were maybe six parents during our open class? I only looked at the children, and some parents were in and out, so I'm not sure of the exact number. I do know that it was more than YJ expected. The class went well, and we had good evaluations from the parents.

At 2 in the afternoon my desk got moved... to the English room! Surprise, surprise. I'm not sure why YH kept on telling me I'd be in the 3rd grade office. This morning he changed it and said I could choose, the English room or the 3rd grade office. But later talking with YJ, it was assumed I'd be moving to the English room. Anyways, I like the sunshine and windows over my desk in the English room. Hopefully I have internet tomorrow. I did some major organization of the shelves that were crammed with old English books, binders, folders, flashcards, junk, and dust, dust, dust. Darn, I really should have taken a before picture. It's not done yet, but I'll take a photo of the finished product.

Oh, and on my way to teach my daycare class downstairs, I saw a line of teachers moving (assumedly) old desks and chairs out to the school yard. At least 100 if not 200. When I finished class, a sort of dump truck was there with a huge claw, picking up desks and smashing them into the dump truck. I took pictures:

Saw a clothes-stand truck on my walk home - bought a dress and three light summer tops: score! Saved me a trip into Bundang or Seoul, and they were $5 each.

Thursday, May 22
Again, I woke up a few times last night, around 3 and 4am - like every night since Sunday. YH said that the desks they moved out yesterday (of the basement, I think) were from the last ten years, and he estimated they were 200 desks .  During our last fourth grade class, my co-teacher announced to them that they'll be the open class in a month. Our Principal, Vice Principal, and English teachers from other districts would be coming to watch the class. Yikes. I'm more nervous about this one because teaching with my new co-teacher still is quite bumpy. And it's a lot more important than any other open class I've had before.

We did some major organizing in the afternoon in the English classroom (no Teacher's English Club today). I guess they're remodeling the art room from first floor, so two huge cupboard/shelves from that room were brought into the English room. We had to make room for them and move things around, and then we filled the cupboards with old crap from the shelves I had organized on Wednesday.

Friday, May 23
I had trouble sleeping last night, and my sore throat/runny nose progressed to an I-have-no-voice overnight. So I felt cruddy all day (even though I knew the boy was coming!) and couldn't speak during classes. My two daycare classes in the afternoon were tough without a voice (and internet/youtube malfunctions), and then at 4 I left a half-hour early (got it pre-approved last month with all those signatures) and caught a bus into Seoul. It was only an hour and a half bus ride, and I met up with John no problem. We waited for the next bus, which this time took at least two and a half hours because traffic on Friday after work was terrible. We got to my town a little just before nine and picked up two hot soups to bring back to my apartment. Exhausting day! Also felt surreal.
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